If you’ve read the blogs, seen social media, or you’re simply are an Atlanta fan then you’ve heard that Atlanta has a real live trap house. The interesting part about this trap house is that its pink, more importantly owned by the infamous 2chainz aka the hairweavekiller. The house is located in a better area of ATL (Howell Mill Rd) and has caused a stir for sure. There’s so much talk about how this house is ruining the black community, glorifying the drug game, and perpetuating a vicious cycle of systemic poverty. Although there have been some valid points, I did some investigation and have some thoughts to broaden your perspective; if you have one about the trap.

I’m not much of a rap fan, not much a fan of anything. I like what I like, and I’m intrigued by things, sounds, places etc. that catch my eye. Through many conversations I’ve attempted to uncover what’s a trap house to begin with? Folks are upset, but essentially at what? The idea of a trap house is any place where you make your money, right! I base this off numerous drug dealers, gangsters, hip-hop analysis and the common man comments. The trap house is where your work is held. Now, that “work” may have various meanings, but is subject to interpretation. The negative stigma that stems from the drug game makes this word “trap” stand out. Essentially, my trap house and your trap may be different based on where we come from. However, the idea that this glorifies the drug world is something I can’t say 2chainz is doing. We all know the impacts of the drug game. Of course, for the college educated, and community philanthropist -this is marketing at its finest. It goes in line with his target audience. He’s got the people talking, he’s able to draw folks in, and folks are wondering what’s next? For him, it’s the best of both worlds; the tabloids and the money he can’t go wrong. Now, turning it into something positive as a resource to know your HIV status is a huge contribution to this local market and he’s not leaving anyone out to dry.

We as people at some point have to begin to be responsible for ourselves rather blame others indirectly for our ancestor’s discretions. There’s good and bad in every culture and everyone has a choice; good or bad, we all have them. If there are people that are in the game, on drugs or causing a discrepancy in the community, we must consider their options as people. Often when drugs, crime, and stereotypes come up we’re quick to justify or excuse rather admit and accept. This here is another thing to turn us ultimately against the idea that every person, gender, race, etc. has the option to choose their trap house. Where they work, how they do it, when and so on, is subject to background and understanding of that person. What happens if my trap is my house, I’m not doing anything illegal, but I’m working day in and day out from my crib as they say. That’s my trap. It’s my choice to call it whatever I like.

This doesn’t negate the struggle or the issues relevant to the hood or anyone else. It’s simply an idea used to combat the negative feedback. Maybe he wanted attention or maybe he didn’t. Either way he’s able to change people’s mindset, atmosphere, and surroundings about something so negative….brilliant. Ultimately, the goal of anyone with a platform is to bring about change, to enhance the community, drive results, and get folks thinking… for that, well done!