you are a badass

Recently, I posted suggestions for my next audible book and you guys were on it. You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero was suggested and highly recommended. This book/audible is not new to me because it has come up in many searches on self-help or personal development books. Since a fellow IG follower suggested it, I decided to give it a try. Plus, the book is read by the author which always makes listening more enjoyable.

you are a badass

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Frankly, after listening to audible’s sample of the book I decided to pass on it. Despite the author reading the book, it still sounded dry. No, the author sounded very dry which caused me to pass on it at least three times. Yes, I listened to the summary three times to decide on purchasing the audible. Since it was highly recommended from a follower I hit the purchase button. What’s the point of giving me suggestions if I don’t take them right?!


Well to my surprise I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the book despite the dryness in the author’s voice. So many gems were dropped that I started listening to the book a second time. Yes, a second time but this time I plan to add more bookmarks for quick reference to favorite parts.


So if you are on the fence with purchasing the book or audible let me help you out.


Check out my 3 Takeaways from You Are A Badass

you are a badass

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There’s no time like NOW!

Life is too short to wait for the perfect opportunity. Something will always come up to distract you from your goal. In the book, Jen tells the story of her client that decided to start a business. As soon as the decision was made life happened that included a car accident and layoff. Her client could have let these unforeseen yet heartbreaking circumstances stop him but he didn’t. He stuck to his dream and now living happily.


A new definition for Risk is “FulFillment”

The way risk is viewed will determine the level of fulfillment in life. The more risks taken the more happiness is achieved. In the book, Jen talks about starting a band with her best friend and little brother. Her role in the band was to play the guitar. Well, the kicker is she NEVER had a guitar lesson in her life! The day she decided to start a band was pretty much when she picked up the guitar. Despite her lack of skill, she kept pressing forward and landed a major deal with Columbia Records. Can you believe that?


Money is not the enemy

This concept was learned before reading the book but wanted to mention it just in case you were clueless. We have so many negative notions about money that has affected us consciously and subconsciously our entire life. Have you heard of these beliefs: money doesn’t grow on trees, this money is burning a hole in my pocket, more money more problems. Of course, you recognize these negative mantras we say over and over again. You Are A Badass really helped to bring it home that there is nothing wrong with wanting money and lots of it! Money doesn’t define me, it’s not the root of my happiness BUT it’s a necessity that I shouldn’t feel bad about wanting.


These takeaways really helped me to move to the next level mentally because I fight mental blocks just like you. This book was awesome and highly, highly recommend you read it. For whatever reason you are not satisfied with the book simply return it. It’s really easy to return and get credit for audible books you don’t enjoy.


However, if you’ve read the book let me know your thoughts and how it helped you below!