Many of you know all the amazing achievements of travel influencer, Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels, but many don’t know her journey. She excelled at the young age of 24 years old in Corporate America working as an IT professional making a six figure salary. Breaking barriers and realizing her dreams has always been her passion. However, her personal battle with depression and an anxiety disorder really created a shift in her career path and focus. After a series of breakdowns, Rachel decided she needed something else. She sold everything and went backpacking through Southeast Asia in pursuit of focusing on herself and finding her passion. In a very honest and open live presentation as a part of the Woman on the Move: Virtual Panel Series, Rachel opened up and helped members understand the importance of being vulnerable.



Three ways in order for you to tell your story to scale your business:

1. Be Open & Honest


People really do appreciate learning about who you were before your breakthrough. In this digital age, where all the selfies are perfect, the video stories are professionally edited, everyone always looks like they have it all figured out. Many are sitting wondering, where are the frustrated women who are letting things go and starting from the bottom? The Woman on the Move group was created to be a resource for women who are looking for help in pursuit of their dreams. Many have spent their last to invest in their dreams. Why not focus on telling your followers the pains of being in business, of moving past fear and having courage to follow your dreams?


2. Show Your Transformation


It’s important for people to see your growth so that they will invest into you and your business. Rachel says, “People want to know what steps that were put in place to go from where you were to where you are now.” How did you go from this place to this place? One of her most powerful statements to the group was “People don’t necessarily buy the product or service they buy the transformation.” Your job is to relate. How people relate to you will determine how much money they invest in your products or services. Allowing them to see the power behind your transformation, directly impacts your purse.


3. Continue to Show your Story & Tell Your Story



Share your struggles, the fights within, the lessons you’re learning and stay human. Don’t allow people to make you a deity, but help them see their personal power through your journey. Become fearless through showing vulnerability. So many of the people we follow and value are people who’ve consistently been transparent with us about their journey and growth. They’ve shared that they don’t have it all figured out and we trust them and believe in their vision for that. Allow your story to be your financial breakthrough and healing for other women.




Her Q&A Session was EVERYTHING!!!
How can I plan to travel abroad like you?
How did you get that courage to take that risk and move abroad?
What streams of income do you have in place to live your lifestyle?
What countries do you recommend to go and work remotely?
When did your family & friends start believing in your journey?
To hear her answers and watch the presentation click here.


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