tinder dating internationally

Photo: Bora Bora skies via aspynovard.com

Whether you’re looking for long-term love or a “vacay bae”, Tinder is an excellent option for you! If you’re new to Tinder, it is the addictive dating app that allows you to make meaningful connections with others in a local area while simultaneously honing your split-second decision-making skills.  I have personally had such wondrous success, I just had to share the love.  Here are three things you can look forward to when you become an international swiper:

  1. Bask in all the glory of your #BlackGirlMagic. Using Tinder internationally means you get to experience curiosity and stereotypical ideas from all regions of the globe.  As a rare member of the melanin-rich club in Asia, the first thing you receive is a delicious new moniker.  I’ve gotten some gems, like “sweet fluffy mocha goddess” and “Nubian peanut butter princess”.
  2. Practice for your TESOL certification. Do you have an affinity for pantomime and Pictionary? Can you break down any idea into three to five-word simple sentences? Love to repeat yourself several times without increasing your date’s comprehension? If so, the man of your dreams is waiting for you!
  3. Collect some unique vacation photos. With International Tinder, you could bring home a one of a kind photobook! Oh, the places you will go while meeting new people! Take advantage of the scenery, and capture moments to share with friends and family of your adventures!

So, get out there and make your next vacation the best one yet.  The next time you’re waiting in the immigration line at the airport, open up that Tinder app and start swiping!