The other day, I was casually scrolling through my Instagram stories, and one of my old flings happened to pop up. At this point, I’ve made a conscious effort to pay him no mind, but for some reason, after seeing a girl in his story I began to feel “some type of way”. Keep in mind, she wasn’t doing anything; they weren’t touching, they weren’t even close, but she was there…sitting…yet for some reason, I felt some type of way about her just being there. It was at this moment, I had to do a reality check. This girl didn’t do anything to me, nor did she know me; so I had no reason to harbor any ill feelings towards her. Clearly, I was still hanging on to something with the guy taking the snap, and it was then that I knew I needed to click the “unfollow” button.

Can you imagine how many people we would lose touch with and/or never hear from again if social media didn’t exist? Social media connects us to people from middle school, random people we’ve met out and about, and even people we just find attractive. It allows us to have so many pieces of our social web extended that it’s easy to mistake these “connections” for “relationships”…as if all of our “followers” care about our well-being. No? Don’t you think that? You know it’s “only social media”? Well, perfect; so, you’ll agree that clicking that unfollow button isn’t a huge deal after all.

The unfollow button is a friend, not foe. Seriously, in under a second, it will cut off all your ties with someone, protect your peace, and allow you to continue with life unbothered. For a long time, I was one of those people who cared how someone responded when I unfollowed but, over time I eventually learned to let that mindset go. What we watch and view, subconsciously plants seeds into our hearts. We internalize everything we see. So, you may be completely over an old fling but when you constantly see them popping up on your timeline, it’s easier for you to relapse into thinking about old times (or in my case, wondering who “ole girl” in his Insta-snap story is). Why do you want that on your mind, sis? Let him go.

It’s so easy to try to hold on to things, and people, but we must trust that something better is in store for us. The first step to truly opening ourselves up to receive the next blessing is severing ourselves of the things that remind us of our past or those things that may make us vulnerable to relapse into old patterns.

Holding on to certain things is not only unhealthy but limiting. For example, if you’re still hanging on to feelings from a past lover, even if things are going well for you…if someone new comes into your life, you’ll still be reminded of that old person and may even begin to compare the two. This not only isn’t fair to this new person trying to get to know you, but it isn’t fair to you (because you deserve happiness and love).

In conclusion, cleaning your timeline is beneficial whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even Pinterest. It allows you to focus on new things and allows you to declutter your space a bit. At the end of the day, as women, we must protect and guard our hearts at all cost. If anything, or anyone, has the potential to disrupt our peace of mind or make us second guess our worth then it’s only right to just let them go, and click that “unfollow” button.