The dating scene has become rather predictable when it comes to the first date, or should I say meet and greet. Some men do not like to take the time to plan a proper date due to the fact that they are worried about spending money on someone they may not like. However, there are many different kinds of dates that are inexpensive but still show us that the man took the time to actually plan something! We deserve better than a cup of coffee or Fro-Yo. Whether it’s your first date or 15th, here are some inexpensive date ideas for the summer:

1. Hiking. This is also a way for the woman to relax and not get all dressed up. You can wear light makeup, which the man would love because men like natural looking women. Wear sneakers and some cute leggings. Find a trail and get moving!

2. Bike riding. Kind of along the same lines of hiking. However, make it more creative and rent a tandem bike. It will help build trust and see if you can work together. Rentals are on average about $15-20 an hour.

3. Picnic at the Beach or in the Park. Grab a basket and load it with sandwiches, cheeses, fruit, wine, or whatever you want to snack on. Create memories by taking pictures. You can also play creative get to know you games.

4. Free Concert or Festival. Now is the time where all of the festivals and concerts start. Different kinds of heritage festivals, food festivals, and jazz concerts are happening all the time. Take your appetite, your chair and get ready to enjoy!

5. Food Trucks. Find out where food trucks are going to be and taste all of the delicious food together. Have fun with it! Split up and pick something for one another to eat. Meet back up and taste each one with your eyes closed; taking turns guessing what the food is!

6. Visit your Dream Home. Find an open house that you would love to live in and go look at it. Tell each other the plans for the house as if you are really going to purchase the home. Have fun and dream together!

7. Order Hello Fresh. Pick a meal that you guys have never had before and take the time to cook it together. Throw on some music and have some wine. You can even make it a competition to see who cooks the meal better!

Let’s make the summer unforgettable. Create new memories without breaking the bank. Enjoy “bae on a budget”!