GRIT – A behavioral characteristic that is indicative of perseverance and passion towards long term goals.

It is the most appropriate term to describe serial entrepreneur, Shamanda Burston. Licensed therapist, producer, speaker, and single mother, Shamanda owns and dominates the many hats she wears in life. With a passion unlike any other, her inspiring journey began in Shelby, NC with struggles as a teen mom of 2 and high school dropout. In danger of being sucked into cursed statistics of small town poverty, Shamanda made a decision that she wanted more for herself and her children. Her life changing decision catapulted her towards earning her high school diploma, then going on to receive a Bachelor’s AND a Master’s degree in just a few short years. She was able to accomplish all of these milestones despite the many struggles she faced throughout that time. She was conquering challenges of single motherhood, battling feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts, and even surviving domestic violence. Nonetheless, she pushed through every adversity and came out looking and feeling better than ever! Triumph at its greatest!

Photo provided by Shamanda Burston

Photo provided by Shamanda Burston

Today, Shamanda has her entrepreneurial hands in everything from motivational speaking and real estate to authoring a book and producing her own YouTube web series entitled Life With Shamanda, which documents her purpose filled life as a serial entrepreneur and single mother in Charlotte, NC. We caught up with the Mompreneur from Shelby who was more than happy to dish on everything from motherhood to business.


On Her Transparency

Naturally a private person, Shamanda admits that it wasn’t easy to share her story with so many others initially. However the more she pushed through her discomfort and did it, the more therapeutic it became. She soon realized that some of the wounds that she had inherited from her past were not completely healed; and they began to heal every time she shared her story. Additionally, her transparency began empowering other women around her to stay encouraged and not give up on their goals. It was all the incentive she needed to continue motivating others with her story.


On Barriers of Living in a Small Town

Shamanda was determined that she wanted access to more opportunities; opportunities that were rare or simply did not exist in her small hometown of Shelby, NC. As it is not uncommon for ambitious people from small towns to move away, Shamanda acknowledged a few barriers that many face in such towns when they are seeking more for their lives. She noted that there can be a lack of support – a lot of closed minded people with the “who do you think you are?” mentality. Also, the lack of resources and effective mentors can hinder growth in a small town. When the right tools aren’t within reach, or there is a lack of people in your area who are actually accomplishing the things that you want to accomplish, it’s easy to dismiss what you don’t see with your own eyes. Lastly, the energy and culture of a smaller town when compared to a bigger city are totally different. We all know that energy is contagious and culture is influential. This is precisely why Shamanda gets involved in events and speaking engagements in her hometown as often as she can. It’s one of her goals to break down some of these barriers, starting with where she came from.


On The Sacrifices of a Single Mompreneur

Photo provided by Shamanda Burston

Photo provided by Shamanda Burston

Shamanda’s resume is quite impressive on its own. Adding in her responsibilities as a single mother, and you’ve got yourself a bonafide anomaly. You also have to consider the sacrifices that Shamanda has had to make and continues to make in order to see her goals become reality. The emotional toil that stirs inside of a single mother when she must sacrifice precious time with her children to build a better life for them is indescribable. Shamanda is no exception. She was able to survive those hard moments by doing things like including them in on her 5 year plan and activities from an early age; showing them the types of homes that they would one day live in so that they could visually see her vision for their lives; utilizing the time when they’re at school to take care of business so that she can spend time with them when they’re home.  As her kids have gotten a little older, Shamanda has switched up her sacrifices so that she sacrifices more of her time and less of her children’s time. It’s been a highly effective and rewarding strategy for her family.




On Good Business and Life Practices

As someone who teaches others to manage their lives better and with less stress, Shamanda emphasizes the need for a schedule to maintain a high level of productivity. Her own to-do list is broken down into categories such as work, personal, and self-care. She adheres to it faithfully. Shamanda also mastered the art of multi-tasking strategically and on a high level. She successfully delegates tasks that free up her time and mental space. Furthermore, she is always intentionally learning. She sets aside time to read a lot of books that will ultimately help her improve herself and her knowledge base so that she may be more effective at the many things that she does.

Shamanda is certainly on the rise to greatness while inspiring so many others on her journey.

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