Sexual Fluidity Symbol

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In a culture that went from fantasizing about a relationship like the one between Quincy and Monica in Love and Basketball to the phenomenon that we now call Love and Hip Hop, it seems that our ideology of sex and love has become a bit confusing. Everyone has the right to choose who to love and how but has privacy become a thing of the past or is sexual fluidity more of a publicity stunt?

While some celebs keep us guessing with what’s going on in their love lives and if they even have one, others have been keeping their legs, sexual lifestyles and preferences open. Growing up, peer pressure was one of the main topics of concern for adults when it came to teaching adolescents about sex but now, there are many different factors for parents and guardians to cover during the ever so impressionable teenage years. Now that it’s become harder to keep our children innocent, how does one decide what is exactly too much? As if birds and the bee’s along with the topic of STD’s wasn’t enough to bear, there is now a need to explain why some women choose to post themselves on social media in their underwear. Also, family dynamics are much different now; we are seeing double a lot more often due to same-sex marriages and parenting.

Besides the message it could possibly be sending to children, how does it affect us as a whole? Of course, we’d all like to believe that what someone else does in their private life doesn’t affect ours but it may not be that simple. Think about it this way, a man who witnesses the lifestyle of having multiple women glorified on television or hearing about the freaky fetishes some women allow their men to experience may have him wanting and expecting similar things from you. After all, it is “reality TV” right? Many women are becoming fearful that they won’t be able to keep up with what the millennial women of today portray as the modern norm. Sex has become so mainstream that it seems to have taken over our televisions, relationships, and everything else in between; so much that it may suggest that love has gotten lost in the conversation.

With all the hoopla surrounding body shaming, sexual preferences, and the impact it’s having on society, it’s actually giving some people the courage to come out of the closet, live in their truth, and embrace the different lifestyles among us. So if celebrities are using their platforms to inspire others and bring awareness to important issues then let’s applaud them for doing so. When dealing with love and life, sometimes the lines can get a little blurred but if you remain authentic to who you are and what you feel is right then eventually things will become clear but the important thing to remember is that we all envision things differently and we must always remain aware of that. Times are changing and believe me, we get that but let’s not forget that while adjusting to the ways of the world may not be easy, it is necessary. In the midst of it all, moderation and respect can go a long way.

Do you think sexual fluidity is a mere trend or something that’s been going on in the dark and finally coming to the lime(light)