work life balance

Who needs some stability?

There are dishes in the sink.

Toys are on the floor.

Dinner needs to be made.

Reports are due but don’t forget to have fun.

Does this sound familiar? Yes, it’s the balancing act of work and life. We all deal with it on a daily basis. Since becoming a mother it has gone to a new level. I know veteran parents can relate to this.  Sometimes, I sit back and think what in the heck was I doing with my time before having a child? In hindsight, I feel like I had more time on my hands and you know what? I’m sure I did.  By nature, I am a self-starter. Constantly, trying to self-improve, help others and provide for my family. While this can be a good trait, it can also cause serious stress.

As challenging as it may be, I have been putting things off that can wait. It is a step I needed to take to actually get things done on my to-do list.   Who else needs this take this approach?

Mom always taught me to “don’t put off what you can do today,” which is why I think I’m accustomed to always doing. Thanks Mom, but there are a few things I must pump the brakes on.

Here are a few tips I have learned in order to find the stability needed for a healthy work/life balance:

Finding Your Stability

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Make a priority list

Take care of the hot items first then go back to those things that could wait.  This gives you a big picture and provides insight on stability in days, weeks to come.

-Ask for help/ or take people up on their offer to help.

This tip should be used with extra caution. I know relying on others can go really well or it can go really bad. Use your discretion on this. Remember most people are genuine with offers.

-Speak up and say no when needed.

This was a tough one for me, but over the past year I have been saying no more often. It has nothing to do with being mean but everything to do with priorities.

-Set a list of your goals 

Seeing things written down in black and white helps me tremendously visualize what I need to do.

Finding Your Stability

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Besides prioritizing my task list, its even more important for me to have the “life” in work/life balance.  Dedicated family time.   Here are a few tips I created that have worked out great:

-Create an activities list for you to enjoy with family and friends.  

I have a list of activities for us to do.  It is great because we have things to look forward to and it designates time for us to be together.

-Family Workouts 

My husband and I have been on a good running routine.  We take baby boy along in the running stroller and he loves it. He claps as we run sometimes and its no greater feeling than seeing him watch us take health and fitness seriously.  This actually isn’t for family.  Invite friends too! It is a great way to spend time socially as well.

-No phones during dinner time and sit at a table

We are totally guilty of having our phones in our hands sitting on the couch while we eat dinner.  Sitting at the table and leaving your phone in the drawer for 30 mins to an hour for dinner can make a world of difference.  Chat about your day, the goals you may have written down or even have a prayer.



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Here is a little truth, finding stability is a work in progress.  It will always change. Some weeks work will weigh heavier than home life and vice versa.   We just need to be conscious of what is truly important in our daily lives.   We hope these tips have helped you find the balance you need.  Remember there is no perfect situation just making the best of our everyday lives.

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