For some of us, we are “EmployedPrenuers“, simply defined as someone who has a full-time job (or part-time), while working on their Entrepreneurial goals and dreams. There is nothing wrong with that; it has worked for me for several years now. However, I realized just around Memorial Day, that I am COMPLETELY burned out. I am not in a position to “fully” step away from my 9-5…period. On top of that, while I work on my Entrepreneurial tasks, the benefits associated with my job are a huge help (i.e. health insurance, life insurance, etc.).

But the burnout is present!

I have come up with four simple ways to help me during this season of sacrifice. Maybe these will work for you as well!

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  1. When you get home from working the job, don’t dive IMMEDIATELY inside of your brand. This may sound crazy since we are supposed to grind endlessly, but hear me out. Sometimes “doing too much” will backfire. You’ve worked 9-5; your day may have produced ALL KINDS of changes and upsets. Home is supposed to be a peaceful place. Instead of diving right for the laptop to get work done, how bout take a 15-20 minute breather (or longer, if needed). For me, I walk in the door, greet my puppy, and sit in my window…watching the world for a few minutes. Then, I get to work. You NEED to take a break to STAY great. Photo Cred: The Tides
  2. Journal your thoughts. The best thing about journaling is that journaling is absolutely informal. I have lost track of the number of journals that I have, but in those written notes, I have created tons of business ideas and brands. Aside from the creative side of writing, it gives me a look into what I may have been going through at any point in my life…and, how I overcame the situation! Photo Cred:
  3. Call a friend on the phone and gab for a while…about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Sound Elementary? That’s the point! We have gotten away from actual “verbal communication”, and a great way to stay connected (beyond social media) is to dial the phone number of a friend and talk about mindless things. Seriously…talk about absolutely nothing (laughing loudly while typing)! Photo Cred: Glaminati
  4. Do something out of your ordinary routine. My morning looks like this: wake up, get dressed, walk my puppy, grab my work bag, run to my favorite coffee house, get to work, and begin my day. EVERY morning…same routine. One morning, I got up earlier than my normal 4:30 am wake-up time, and I went for a quick brisk walk. To break up the monotony of your usual routine, simply “do something different”. For example, get up a little earlier and soak in the tub with lots of bubbles, candles, incense, and soft music. That is another one that does something amazing for my day.

Burnout is REAL. Surviving Burnout is real as well. Burnout can lead to illnesses, stress, anxiety, and so many other things…however, knowing WHEN you are feeling the heat is the key to “beginning again”!