Are You Cheating On Me

The tweet said “it’s my man’s birthday today.” The picture on Instagram showed him standing next to the woman who tweeted. The two women don’t follow each other, but she wanted to make sure the girlfriend saw the post so she liked an old picture; curiosity led the girlfriend to the page. The girlfriend googled his name, saw a picture of him with the same girl; they were in Miami together. Is it paranoia? Are you cheating on me?

Are You Cheating On Me

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At some point in everyone’s life I believe they have been on the receiving or giving end of cheating, infidelity, or stepping out. However you phrase it or sugarcoat it, someone has gotten hurt. When is love just not enough? Is it self-respect or self-esteem that determines if you leave or stay? Some claim they invested too much time in the relationship to leave it for the next woman. Some women feel they are not financially secure enough to do it on their own. She drove him to the arms of another woman, or so she thinks. They stay in the relationship because they want to save face in front of family and friends, or they just don’t want to be alone.

Where do you draw the line? Men don’t tell their friends they were cheated on, but surely his ego is tarnished and he may never trust again. Her girlfriends tell her to leave, but she is in love, maybe all of what is going on isn’t true. The other woman knew he was in a relationship, but so did he. The other man knew about her husband, he is sexually attracted to her and she loves the attention. Does either party want to really know the truth? Are you cheating on me?

Depending on where the relationship stands, that will determine the amount of hurt that is felt from either side. I believe both parties get hurt in the situation. The person on the receiving end hurts, along with many mixed emotions of lack, wonder, and insecurity. I believe the violator hurts because there isn’t a deep down intention to destroy the person that they love; we can hurt the person and love them at the same time.

The woman comes to the event with a couple of friends. She leans in for a kiss. He yells “get the f#!k outta here.” His girlfriend remains calm. His reaction made her feel like this was just some random incident. But she’s not some random woman; it’s the same one from Twitter, Instagram, AND Miami. It still doesn’t feel wrong, she thinks this girl is just crazy or is she? Things get out of control. The girlfriend finally asks the woman who she is. She responds with her name and says she has been his girlfriend for the past year. It has been a year since she saw the first tweet. Still, she remains there while everything is in chaos around her. After a back and forth between him, his friends, her and her friends, the girlfriend finally gets up and attempts to leave. He holds on to her bag and calls for security to escort the crazy chick out along with her friends.

What should she do? Is the relationship over? Do you stop seeing the other person only because you got caught? Is there really forgiving at the end of it all? I believe only they can figure their situation out; only they know the answers.

We all, as women have these “feelings” and most of the time they’re right. We are blessed with women’s intuition. She never asked was he cheating on her and a lot has been forgiven. Some may have an opinion, but they have love. Is that enough?