When starting a new business funding for many start-ups is limited. However, in order to become a successful business one must market their product or service for consumers to know they exist. Check out these five marketing techniques that cost you nothing but time.
1.)    Conduct free webinars
There is a slew of platforms that allow you to host webinars at no cost, not to mention webinars also give your brand and broader audience to market to and establish you as an authority in your particular industry. The more appealing the content, the greater your odds are to attract participants.
2.)    Cross-promote/partner with other brands
Cross-promotions allow you to tap into a new audience of consumers in exchange for your services or marketing. For example, if you have a product or service you can partner with other brands to conduct a giveaway including both parties’ services offerings which allow the consumer to try your product at no cost and market your services to each other’s audience.  It’s a win, win for both parties involved.
3.)    Networking
While social media is a great tool to market yourself or your business, there’s something great about meeting people that allow you to connect with them on a different level. You will be surprised at the power a conversation can have.
4.)    Build an email database
Having an email database of users who have subscribed to get updates about your brand is like having people in line waiting to purchase from you. These people have signed up for your updates which mean their interested in what you have to offer, so send coupons and let them know when you have new offerings.
5.)    Talk to your followers
Often times we get so entrenched in building our following base that we forget to water the relationship we have with our followers. It’s important to engage with your followers and have 2-way conversations instead of consistently shoving your product or service down their throat.