Summer. The season of vengeance. Not the stressful drama filled energy wasting type of revenge. The vengeance that is won without lifting a finger toward your opponent. The kind that you win by default just be elevating yourself. The sweetest kind. Otherwise known as The Glo Up!

It’s something about the summer air that makes people tap into a new level of life! Festivals, beach bumming, traveling the world, cookouts, and showing lots of skin are just some of the summer fun to partake in. Whether you’re bouncing back from a breakup, a financial hardship, or just one of those annoying life ruts that we sometimes seem to fall in, I’ve got the 5 key areas of your life to target when on your Glo Up journey.

  1. Your Health – physical appearance is usually the first thing that people think of when they hear about “Glo Up”. However, the best glow radiates from great physical, mental and emotional health. Yes, take care of your body with good nutrition and regular exercise. But also, make sure your mindset is clear and focused on your goals. You have to be able to exercise self-control by stepping outside of your feelings when necessary so as not to get sidetracked from the Glo Up journey. There are plenty of beautiful women walking around with no self-control and horrible thinking patterns. They are all over our televisions on reality TV shows. Don’t be one of them.
  2. Your Finances – this one is a no brainer. Your Glo Up ain’t real without financial stability. You don’t have to be a millionaire; just be in control of your money. Money management is a science. Study it. Learn how to make it work for you. Learn how to make it, save it, multiply it and give it so that it not only benefits you but others as well.
  3. Your Relationships – hear me and hear me clearly. That saying about you being the summation of the 5 people that you hang around the most is REAL! It isn’t just some catchy phrase that a smart guy made up. Do not dismiss it as such! It is a legit law of life in every sense of the word. Not one living soul is exempt from this law. If you do not seriously assess who you have around you, who you talk to on a daily basis, who you hang around during your leisure time, you will leave the decision of who you ultimately become up to your feelings. Trust me, you don’t want your emotions controlling who you become. The good thing about that is that it works both ways. So, be intentional about surrounding yourself with people who will propel you into your greatness.
  4. Your Purpose – what is a good life without purpose? It is the difference between existing and living. Having a purpose about yourself motivates you to try harder, dig deeper, and just go the extra mile in your endeavors. It gives you that extra willpower that makes you hop out of bed when your alarm clock goes off in the morning and you feel like you just closed your eyes 5 minutes ago. It gives you a why! It may be a new business venture, community involvement or a special training for a career that embodies your passion. Whatever it is, go after it with everything you’ve got. If you don’t have any purpose about yourself, you simply cannot glow.
  5. Your Spirituality – this one is often overlooked, but necessary for real happiness. Your inner peace is connected to your inner spirit (wo)man. You can get physically fit, make a million bucks and be surrounded by some amazing people. They may contribute to your happiness for a moment. But they could vanish in a second and it will be beyond your control. You cannot seek happiness from outside sources. You have to be able to connect with your spiritual being and find your own peace from within. True happiness requires peace. Therefore, a real Glo Up requires peace.