“Train up a child in the way, he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

Whatever we teach our kids, whether it’s by our actions, behavior, habits and what we say, is how they learn.  Studies even show how a child’s development of their brain from birth to age three is influenced by factors, such as environment, relationships, and experiences.  Ultimately, the factors and habits that our kids will learn from us, will also be carried out in their adulthood.  As a parent/as parents, we must stay mindful of the fact that our children are ALWAYS watching.  And yes, we are adults that are still learning too.  We can grow with our kids and still be the parent in the situation.




  1. Talk.  Ask your kids how their day was, what they learned in school, or how an event went.  Just simply asking how their day is can be a relief to your child.  They will honestly tell you what their thoughts, observations, and opinions are!
  1. Quality time.  Again, talking to them, taking them to the park, or a simple,” Let’s get some ice cream”, can mean a lot to your child.  Not just spending money on them, spending some real quality time!



  1. Kisses, Hugs, and I love you.  In our household, we do not wake up without good morning, hugs and kisses.  We leave the house with hugs and kisses, and we end the day with hugs and kisses.  It’s a daily behavior now.  It means so much to your kids to demonstrate the love and affection that you have for them!
  1. Apologize.  Yes, there are those times where, we, the parents will get it wrong.  Let your child know that you made a mistake and apologize for it; they will respect you for admitting when you’re wrong.  This will also demonstrate the character they’ll need in the future!


Happy parenting! J