Throughout my life when faced with really tough decisions I’ll always contemplate whether or not regret will follow if I did nothing. Living with regrets is the one thing I refuse to do because it means to not live at all. Some may disagree with me but it’s difficult to live outside of your comfort zone while having regrets. Here are three tips to help you avoid regrets altogether.

Tip #1 Say yes

How many times have you said no to an opportunity only to kick yourself over it later? I would raise my hands but I don’t have regrets because I say yes often. Saying yes is one of the scariest things to do when you want to live life differently. Despite how scary it is, saying yes will give you the “different” results you crave. It’s the sure-fire way to get you out of that comfort zone that you have grown to love.

A great book about saying yes is Shonda Rhimes “The year of Yes”. If you’re like me and love audio books you can definitely find it on read by Shonda Rhimes. This book is so inspirational and moving that it even had me saying yes even more. LOL!

Tip #2 Get out of your own head

Time and time again fear rears it’s ugly head and has you doubting your decisions. When it pops up we start to tell ourselves something is not possible, too difficult, or just simply out of our reach. Starting today I want you to get out of your own head because you’re feeding your self-conscious untruths about your abilities and what you deserve. Stop taking yourself out the running before the race can get started.

Tip #3 Just do it

These three words in that order are so powerful and Nike was a genius for putting this slogan together. When it comes to living out your dreams and stepping into your purpose, you have to take a step without overthinking the situation. Have you heard of the old saying “think long, think wrong”?  According to Mel Robbins, it only takes 5 seconds to talk yourself out of an opportunity.

Sometimes you have to take a risk and just do it without putting too much thought into it; especially if you’re known for talking yourself out of things.

Living a life full of regrets is unfulfilling and undesirable. Surely you want to have new and exciting experiences every chance you get because that’s what it means to live a full life. A full life is doing the things that tickle your fancy and blows your mind. Did I just describe the life for you? If so then do everything in your power to avoid regrets by utilizing these tips starting today.