It’s Over.


No matter if it’s initiated or you are the recipient, there is still a sting. Summertime is here and now you find yourself “Baeless”. Before going back on Baewatch, here are some things to keep in mind after breaking up.


  1. Allow yourself to feel.  It’s perfectly okay to be in your feelings. You gave yourself to someone and for some reason, it didn’t work out. Those feelings will be there. Just don’t let them linger too long. If you have to, seek professional help. Vent those feelings with another. Journaling can be good. It can be an inspiration for a book. Internalizing it just makes things worse. Bringing something to an end is never easy. It’s in those times of despair where we find ourselves again.
  2. Allow yourself to heal. Don’t grow weary in broken places. It may appear that things are not ideal, but there is a silver lining. Did that relationship really help you? If not anything else, it gave you an experience. One to grow from so when it is time to love again you will be ready. He probably loved you, too. It just wasn’t at the capacity that you needed. Realize your value because you are a commodity.
  3. Allow yourself to move on. I know. Easier said than done. Sometimes, we make it harder on ourselves to move on. We still allow the text messages or calls to come through. But who said you had to respond? It doesn’t have to be a dramatic situation. If there isn’t a chance of reconciliation, don’t play with fire to be burned. Your silence can speak volumes more than your words can. Stop snooping on their social media. The saying is true; sometimes you just have to “unfollow people in real life”.


Forgive yourself. Forgive the one that broke your heart. Love is still out there somewhere. Take some “me” time and don’t let love let you down.