I open my eyes and it’s already June.  Where has the time gone?  In these past six months, I’ve definitely learned quite a bit.  There are three lessons learned so far this year that I’d like to discuss.   Step into my office and let’s chat.

Photo Credit: lightarrow.com

Photo Credit: lightarrow.com

– You Come First!

You are no good to anyone else if you haven’t taken care of yourself.  Running around ragged trying to take care of others when the actions aren’t reciprocated is extremely tiring and quite depressing.  It makes you feel as if you’re not important anymore.  We’ve all had that moment if we’re being truthful.  You have to tell yourself, “I’m important, too”.  It’s vital that you tell yourself this every single day, no matter the time, place or moment.  Just make sure you remind yourself of this important fact.  At the end of the day, no one can treat you better than YOU!

-It’s okay to say NO!

Don’t feel bad telling someone no.  Every request asked of you does not require a yes.  This also ties into my first lesson learned.  Once you begin to accept every favor, task or anything of the sort, people begin to think it is an obligation of yours to do what they ask.  As soon as you hit them with a No, their world apparently comes crashing down. “You can say yes a million times, but they will always remember the one time you said no.” I truly believe this. I can recall a time where I was a friend with someone, and every time she wanted to go somewhere I was there. No matter what my financial situation looked like, I came out. This one particular time she wanted to go on a trip for her birthday but I was in no shape financially to do so, which resulted in me telling her no. Why did I do that? She flipped out.  Needless to say, we are no longer friends. If people can’t understand that you can’t always do what they ask of you, it may be best to take a step back from that person. Saying No is not a bad thing!

-People are in your life for a reason or a season.

No matter who you cross paths with in life, they are there for a reason or a season.  I’m currently going through this now. There are a few people who I believe have served their purpose in my life. I no longer agree with some of the things they do or support some of their lifestyle choices. I’ve learned lessons from each person who has entered my life and appreciate what they’ve taught, whether they know it or not. You have to keep positivity around you. Keeping people/things around that don’t help you elevate, there’s no need for. You won’t always know which purpose each person serves, but don’t try to keep them there when you know they no longer should be!