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One of Hip-Hop’s favorite families is currently going through a not so nice public divorce and in the midst of what must be a difficult time for both T.I and Tiny, TI  shared a few words during an interview with Angie Martinez that left a bad taste in the mouths of women everywhere. It turns out that the Family Hustle superstar believes that his marriage was a distraction from his career and no longer wants it to deter him from his future business endeavors.  As TIP decides to move upward and onward as a single man because his marriage has suddenly inconvenienced him, we thought it would be a good idea to remind women to still have a life and empire outside of their relationship.

Experiencing love is a wonderful thing, especially when in a committed relationship but it’s essential to be able to offer yourself that same love once the man of your dreams is no longer willing to commit to you. As women, we devote so much of ourselves to our relationship and children that we sometimes forget to maintain a life outside and separate from that. When you’re constantly giving so much of yourself to others, your needs tend to go unfulfilled. In the midst of pouring your trust, time, and love into the people close to your heart; be sure to save a little for yourself. In fact, it’s better to get in the habit of creating me time now, even if the partnership is still on good terms because it will be harder to pick up the pieces if things go downhill. You can’t replenish yourself if you’re already empty from taking care of everyone else.

The best thing about life is that it is multifaceted so just because you get married doesn’t mean it’s the end all be all. Maintaining balance between your life at home, motherhood, friendships, and you’re romantic relationship allows you to be happy and content in your own right. This also prevents you from feeling like your just a small piece to everyone else’s puzzle because you realize you are your own masterpiece. Independence within the interdependence provides a certain level of respect and passion for one another, which is vital to any healthy union. Time spent apart just may help you appreciate the moments spent together a little more. Often when a person loses their individuality because their relationship has overshadowed it, self-confidence is forfeited, resentment occurs, and regret soon follows. Continue to go after who and what you’ve always aspired to be that way if he one day selfishly decides that marriage is no longer for him after you’ve held him down, nurtured his home and children, and can be a better best friend than a husband; you can move forward gracefully and with dignity.