You keep sitting at your desk, thinking about how sick you are of the monotony of your “9 to 5”. Constantly daydreaming about the life you could have if you were to just quit and live your dreams. The dream of being an Entrepreneur. Working for yourself, on your own time, and building your brand, your legacy. I say go for it. Test your limits by stepping out of your comfort zone to accomplish your goals.


Normally when you think about starting a business, you do not think about all of the things that come along with it. You sit thinking about all the amazing things, the traveling on private jets, yacht parties, frivolous shopping, not realizing all of the hard work and loneliness that is involved. You see the photos on Instagram and Facebook of the “Entrepreneurs” which only show the “good things”. If only it were that easy; but you can succeed if you work hard at it. Being an Entrepreneur can be very rewarding, however, let’s not ignore the reality. Let’s go over a few keys to reach success.

Plan, plan, plan. Never start anything without having a solid plan. Create a dream board. Invest in a planner such as The Happy Planner. It gives you room to jot down notes, schedule things and has encouraging words. I would also suggest having alternate plans as well.

Another major key is to make sure you have a strong support system. Build a team. You definitely need a good foundation to help build you up when you are feeling like you want to quit. You will need people who are in your corner. Unfortunately during the process you will find out who really believes in you and your dreams. Get rid of anyone giving off any negative vibes.

Research the area of business you want to start. Find out what is trending, and who is the best in the business! Study their movements. You should register your business with the IRS, build a solid brand, and make sure that you stay consistent. Create one dope logo that consumers will remember. Protect your brand by trademarking your company name and/or slogan. Another great way to strengthen your business is to collaborate with influential people on social media for promotion to help grow your following!

This is can be a very scary time for you. Stay prayed up, take a leap of faith and remember anything is possible. Good Luck!