Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for about 9 years.  However, it took me becoming a mother to take it more seriously.  I was a part time entrepreneur before having the twins, but seeing living legacies made me appreciate the importance of fulfilling your passion, controlling your lifestyle and building wealth for my family.  That said, my husband and I became real estate investors and I started Moze a few years later.

Give an example of a challenge you’ve faced and the lesson you learned as a wife?

Last September, my husband and I got the devastating news that he had Leukemia.  I was 5 months pregnant and hurt beyond belief.  It was the most traumatic and heartbreaking moment of my life.  Yet, I had to find strength to be the strong parent for the twins and keep stress at a critical low for my then unborn son.  My husband had to stay in the hospital an entire month and I stayed there every day and night.  During that time, my outlook on marriage was truly defined.  Marriage is not about a fancy wedding, pictures on social media, or the amount of carats in your ring.  It’s about persevering through the ugly and coming out hand in hand, stronger than ever.

Give some advice on balancing as a mother, wife and business owner.

Never forget about your outside roles – mother and wife.  The entrepreneur life can sometimes distract you from your home life.  No matter how accommodating and understanding your family can be, remember that they still need you too.  Every family is different, so it’s hard to give specific advice to blanket all households, but remember that communicating both your business and personal goals with your family is critical.

Also, as often as possible, include your family so they can see how hard you are working.  It’ll help build an understanding and respect for what you do everyday.

What is some advice you would give a new entrepreneur?

Recognize that challenges and failure are options and welcomed in fact.  Tupac said it best, “I don’t want it if it’s that easy!”  The comeback stories of failure from some of the most successful people are far more motivating than stories of their highs.  It’s way more impactful telling someone how you overcame obstacles than only showing them the high points.


Nicole is a proud wife and mother of three boys – a set of twin 7 year olds and a 4 month old baby boy.  She and her husband have been married for 10 years, this October.  She is an alumni of Norfolk State University.  She has been a  graphic designer and printing professional for 17 years.  She is the owner of Moze Print & Design, LLC and creator of NikNax Stationery & Things.

Originally from Virginia, she moved to Atlanta 11 years ago.