Breathe! Push! It’s funny that’s how most of us enter this world, with the special exception of tummy babies (cesarean birth). What’s even more ironic is the life experience itself just by simply being pushed. So significant yet overlooked in the same token.


You are expected to be pushed in a forward upright position by friends and family. This elevates you to conquer your fears, accept your truths, heal beneath the surface of your hurts, and fulfill your life’s purpose. In society you are pushed in several directions which fully prepare you to adjust to different settings and properly handle almost anything that happens to you.


This enables you to be that upstanding citizen that puts back into the community. By doing so you give knowledge to the youth around you by both example and deliberation assisting in their growth as they pursue their passions. In a more intricate process, your mind alters pertaining to the way it is pushed emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This can either be a nostalgic understanding or it can be one full of negativity and destruction, physically.


You know this feeling just as well as I do…to be pushed in so many of these ways and it never seems like the pushing ceases over…but is it ever suppose to? These great pushes occur all while we’re experimenting with the deliveries of our lives as a whole. We have so many opportunities literally at the touch of our fingertips to experience different life aspects. These pushes can be in the form the struggles. They can be within the spirit of support. It can be the look of proudness among the faces of your loved ones. It can be the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins. The push is ultimately how you interpret it but most importantly how you apply it as well.


Use that push to help you move mountains. Use that push to supply the hunger that rumbles your soul. Don’t let any of the push intimate you by backing you into a wall. The push is for you to conquer with the great push you are strong enough to give back. After all, the greatest push you’ll ever need to keep going is the one you’ll give yourself!

Be Pushed…Magnificently