From rainy and dreary outside to uplifting love and support on the inside. That was the transition of the threshold I crossed upon entering Noir Lounge in downtown Raleigh, which served as The Prevailing Woman Magazine’s official launch party venue. I had frequented Noir previously on a typical Saturday night outing with girlfriends. However Sabrina Seymore, founding Editor-In-Chief of The Prevailing Woman Magazine, had successfully transformed the unique space into a very elegant and chic setting. It was the kind of transformation you would expect from Sabrina, who also owns the successful event planning business “Sabrina Seymore Events”. From plush furniture and trendy décor to beautiful desserts, tasty food spreads and the live band and vocalist, everyone from the guests to the vendors was fully immersed into the regal atmosphere. The crowd consisted of warm and enthusiastic guests, young professionals, trendy socialites, family, friends, vendors and social influencers all in support of Sabrina and The Prevailing Woman Magazine.


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Through tears, an emotional Sabrina took the time to stand before her crowd of supporters and gave her sincere remarks of gratitude to those who have supported her in her personal and professional ventures, as well as those who were instrumental in the creation of the magazine and its launch. It was a long list of family, friends, colleagues, clients, vendors, and much more. Notably, Sabrina’s Line Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. surprised her with a presentation of a floral arrangement along and an $800 donation as a loving gesture of their unending support of her and her vision. The entire event was a beautiful display of ambition and strong backing.

I was able to sit down with the CEO and founding Editor-In-Chief of The Prevailing Woman Magazine to talk details on her inspiring new publication as well as how she is building an empire while being a devoted wife and mother.


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So…The Prevailing Woman. What inspired you to create a magazine?

[Sabrina noted that she is not completely sure what made her choose a magazine as the method to channel the content she wanted to publish. She simply wanted to showcase women from diverse backgrounds and of all ethnicities, and highlight their accomplishments in leadership, entrepreneurship and within their personal lives. So she ultimately chose the magazine as the best way to bring her vision to life.]

That is awesome. Speaking of vision, what is your vision behind the name “The Prevailing Woman”? Who is a prevailing woman? Can you describe her to me?

[Sabrina described The Prevailing Woman as a woman who is advancing professionally and personally in her life while making a positive impact on those around her. She could be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a stay at home mom who runs her household with dignity and pride. Sabrina also wanted to emphasize the concept of unity among women. In a time where racial tensions were high in our society, Sabrina expressed that she aimed to promote unity with The Prevailing Woman by featuring women from all races, backgrounds, and nationalities.]

Aside from the obvious of her being an amazing athlete and Olympian, what made you choose Gabby Douglas as your cover feature for the debut issue?

[Sabrina had met Gabby Douglas prior to featuring her in the Prevailing Woman Magazine. It was after the unwarranted controversy surrounding Gabby’s hair during her Olympic performance. After meeting Gabby, Sabrina was intrigued by her story and attracted by her kind and gentle personality. Sabrina knew that she wanted to bring Gabby’s personality to light for others to see her for the amazing and passionate person she was instead of forming irrelevant opinions about her hair.]

 So I just witnessed the amazing gesture towards you from your Line Sisters. It’s obvious that they, as well as Delta as a whole, mean a lot to you. Are there any valuable lessons the sorority taught you that you were able to transfer into your entrepreneurial journey?

[Sabrina credited Delta for teaching and reinforcing principles in her such as work ethic, execution, perseverance, and preparation. In addition, she noted that her ability to work collaboratively was another Delta lesson that she was able to benefit from and apply in her businesses to achieve success.]

 Many of our single wives are currently working 9-5 corporate jobs but are looking to transition from their job to full-time entrepreneurship. What kind of advice would you give them to help set them up for success?

 [Sabrina noted that doing research and saving money before making the full transition is vital. She elaborated on the significance of knowing as much as you can well advance of kick starting your business. Knowing the costs, resources and key leaders in your industry could make all the difference in the success of your business. She went on to mention the need to save an adequate amount of money before completing your transition to full-time entrepreneurship so that your business and your personal expenses can remain stable.]

 So The Single Wives Club is all about empowering women to develop themselves personally and exhibiting healthy wife like qualities before actually becoming a wife. We know that you are a wife, a mom, and a business woman. How are you able to show up at your best in all three of these roles and balance them all?

 [Sabrina immediately responded to this question with “family support”. She mentioned her supportive husband and family who have been significant motivators for her. She attributed her faith and having a solid prayer life to helping her maintain her peace. She also uses a calendar and a variety of apps to help her stay organized. Lastly, she made sure to point out the importance of her exercise regimen. Sabrina stated that she tries to work out every day of the week and that she is able to release a lot of stress and tension as a result of doing so, which allows her to be fully present in any capacity of her life.]


photocred: @rosalyntamieka

photocred: @rosalyntamieka

The Prevailing Woman Magazine is published quarterly and is currently available in hard copy and digital formats. It is a polished and well put together publication that consists of inspiring and thought-provoking content that any woman who is interested in personal and professional development would appreciate. From lavish weddings and events to empowering publications, it’s safe to say that Sabrina Seymore is well on her way to building her very own empire and she is definitely one to watch!




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