Throughout your day, especially while scrolling online, you may come across people shouting out their haters or speaking about things their haters may have done to them. You may even hear phrases being used, such as “If you ain’t got haters, you ain’t poppin”, or “If they’re hating you must be doing something right”. But is this accurate?

The truth is haters come a dime a dozen, and any and everyone can (and probably does) have some. There’s nothing special about someone that refuses to show you any love or support due to jealousy or other shallow reasons. Yet in this day and time haters are celebrated and more significant than even the influential, supportive people in our lives.

You could be doing absolutely nothing with your life and still have someone that finds a reason to dislike you. The assumption that you have to be something special or popular to have haters is obviously something an insecure person made up simply to make themselves feel better. Haters will not ever be exclusive to successful or popular people.

It’s time to stop giving your haters so much attention and significance in your life. Not only do you give them fuel to continue targeting you, but you also give them power over your life and mind without even realizing it. Calling them out all the time only gives them a platform and makes you look completely bothered, even though you’re attempting to look the opposite.

Some suggestions? Pay your haters the dust they deserve. An ignored bully/negative person eventually gets bored and seeks out something else to do (or someone else to bother), and unless you’re eager to keep haters around for a false sense of importance, this is a good thing.

Shout out and focus on the people that help to bring out the best in you instead….the people that support and lift you higher instead of trying to bring you down. Love on those that cheer for you when you win, instead of listing and spotlighting those that are waiting for you to lose.

The truth is this: you lose when you focus too much on the very people that want you to lose along with them. Make the rest of this year a hater-free zone, and hopefully this practice will turn into a lifestyle change. Let your haters watch you win in peace.