Being a Mommy can sometimes be taxing. They experience a plethora of emotions, obstacles, and loads of decision making that could potentially lead to a meltdown. If anyone knows this feeling, it’s Domonique Townsend. She started Meltdown Momma which serves to help ambitious working moms conquer their overwhelm, pursue their passions and successfully integrate work and family life with success strategies, courses and conferences.  I had the privilege to sit down with her and chat about business and mommy hood!

How do you balance motherhood, marriage, career and running your own businesses?

During this journey of motherhood, I have realized that trying to balance everything is a disservice to moms. The importance of my family and my marriage far outweigh my career and business goals. But it doesn’t mean that I lack ambition to slay in my business and career goals. So I turned balance into integration. My goal is to integrate work and life goals by identifying ways to incorporate my family in my business goals so they can see what I do. I also communicate my personal and business goals with my husband so that he is fully aware of the things that I desire to reach. During times when I know that I have a heavy weak ahead, I put more focus on ensuring that I am fully engaged during the times when I am at home. Quality of how I spend my time is the goal! Whether I only have a few short hours to work on my business or even a few short hours to spend with my kids, I strive to be present and do the best I can. It is far from easy at times, but each day I do the best I can. And that is what matters most.

What is the best approach to reaching your personal goals while leading a busy life as a mom mogul?

I believe that the best approach to reaching your goals while living a busy life begins with clearly defining the goals you seek to reach. I use to think that keeping my goals in my head was effective and found myself working on many tasks that were unrelated to reaching my goals. It led me to quickly get overwhelmed. So after you define your goals, make sure that you write them down. After you write your goals, make sure that you check yourself and remove the habits that are inhibiting [you] to soar. This includes the habit of saying “yes” to everyone but yourself. When you change your habits, you then naturally begin to set boundaries on things that can get in your way. My life and many mothers I know are full and busy, limiting the tasks that are not in alignment with my goals has helped me tremendously.

What is your next project that you are focusing on?

Currently, I am in process of creating a documentary that will capture the challenges that ambitious mothers face while trying to thrive in their career while trying to maintain quality in their home life. I am super excited about this project and I recommend that people stay tuned to my pages to stay up to date on it!

Are there any other lasting words you have for us?

Being a mom has its many rewards but it also presents challenges that can sometimes lead you feeling defeated. In those moments, you must remember that you were uniquely chosen to be the best mother for your children before they were even born. So in short, own who you are. Believe in your capability. Define what matters. And soar to reach whatever it is you desire, because you are fully qualified to do so.