Have you ever considered writing a book? Well, becoming an author has never been easier! Thanks to mobile apps that allow customers to read and download books anywhere in the world within a few minutes, eBooks makes reading more accessible than ever.

Why not take your area of expertise and use it to create residual income through becoming an author? People can find your site, your work and purchase your books while you’re asleep and your earnings aren’t limited by how many hours you work. This notion is fairly popular among fans of the Tim Ferriss’ book, ‘4 Hour Work Week’, where he lists the importance of managing your time, perfecting your skills and creating a process of automation which gives you back more time and resources to do the things you truly enjoy and love. Writing eBooks perfectly align with the less is more to life strategy.

No matter your profession, you are an authority in at least one area; learn here how writing an eBook on your area of expertise can help you earn forever.

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Are you ready to take action on publishing your book?



In May 2007, I resigned from my highly analytical position to search for something less stressful and more fun; in the interim I decided that I wanted to write a book of poetry. For many years my work sat untouched; I knew that I needed to do something about that. I envisioned seeing my name on the spine of a book and a synopsis about myself on the back. The hard part I knew was finding a publisher. Fortunately, I submitted my manuscript and it was accepted. I worked with the production team and edited the cover design, book formatting and content. Finally, the unbelievable happened and my first book was published April 2009. Investing in myself, I paid for travel accommodations and self-financed my book tour. I toured the Midwest doing small book signings and meeting poetry lovers. It was a marvelous experience seeing people have a personal connection to my work. The nostalgia didn’t last long as it was also very costly.


What is the easiest way to publish a book?

Today there are more affordable options to publish a book. Of course the ease and comfortability of readers now accessing books primarily online and through mobile devices didn’t come without a sacrifice; think Borders. With the evolution of the publishing industry we authors can now easily distribute our books. A few years ago, I served as a presenter and after my lecture a student asked had I heard of CreateSpace. Unfortunately, at that time I was ignorant to the fact that Amazon had somehow became a mecca for self-published authors and I had not heard of their rapidly emerging self-publishing company. However, that same evening I attended a group book signing where other authors shared that they too used CreateSpace. I had to find out what I was missing as self-publishing is the easiest and quickest way to publish a book.

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What are the benefits of self-publishing?


Of course I went home and did my research and was shocked at the wholesale price of the books on CreateSpace versus what I was being charged to order my own books for book signings. Also, I appreciated how detailed the information was to help authors publish their own books . Since CreateSpace was Amazon’s company, authors also had a direct opportunity to publish their books in print, with major online book retailers and on Kindle. I discovered that things were so much simpler than my experience just two years prior. In 2012, I self-published my second book of poetry through CreateSpace and I tell you the difference that self-publishing can make on your profit from personal book sales and royalties is amazing!


What are the advantages of eBooks?

2048px-EBook_between_paper_booksToday basically all you need to do is leave your professionally edited book in the pre-print stage (PDF format), upload it to your site and voila you have a book! You’re now an author.

Having a professionally developed and written book gives you more credibility as an expert.

With eBooks you have the freedom to sell your book digitally to anyone in the world in an instant. You skip so many potentially time consuming and expensive processes such as printing costs, shipping costs, the review process of the printed version and waiting for the books to get to you before events.

Like a thorough professional that you are, you can track analytics to help you gauge where you need to focus your social media marketing. Creating stimulating lead pages have helped eBook writers make thousands of dollars per month versus per year. With merchants like PayPal that are used in multiple countries (I’m currently writing you while I’m working remotely in France with my two children for the summer) you are able to quickly receive funds in your PayPal account and have them transferred to your bank account within 2-3 business days. When the money is right everything is better. Don’t you agree?

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Isn’t writing a book only for exceptionally gifted or talented people?



We often think that only the gifted or talented can do amazing things. However, what if we all are gifted and talented and just need to figure out our gifts? Your creative genius is waiting for you to unlock it. Famous author Elizabeth Gilbert of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ talks about the power of your personal creative genius in this TEDx talk, watch it and realize your personal creativity.

There are many rewarding benefits to writing eBooks; such as getting your content out faster to readers, creating residual income, becoming location independent and the boost to your psyche of sharing what you know to help others and reaping a reward from it. So now that you’re officially aware of why eBooks are the new trend, what are you waiting on?

I practice what I preach. Here’s my most popular eBook which includes 101 Travel Tips for fearless moms. Download it here for free! Get started writing today!

How has writing an eBook changed your life financially and/or professionally? Let us know your success story or goals in the comments section below!

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