I’m the first born of a teenage mom, which pretty much means my mom and I grew up together. That experience shaped who I am as a woman. Most people would assume a teenage mother would be reckless. Nope, the total opposite. I assume having a mouth to feed at 17 lit a fire in her to build the best life.
Excuses were not allowed in her house. If you wanted something you had to work for it. If you made a mistake, it was your responsibility to correct it. With 2 kids she purchased her own home by 30 and was clocking 90k (with no college degree) as a Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent. This woman did not play. She refused to be what society expected of a young black mother.
I lead by example like my mother did with me. It’s vital that my children understand that you don’t have to abandon your goals for parenthood or relationships. It may take you a little longer to get there, but you don’t give up.
Finding Balance
Having a willing and trustworthy (you can’t trust everybody with your kids) support system is vital to balancing family, career and personal life. God blessed me with an amazing partner. My husband and I tag team everything from coordinating kid’s practices, dinner and homework. It’s all about communication and coordination. The process isn’t always pretty, but we make it work.
Never Lose Sight of You!
My priorities go like this: Relationship with God, myself and my family. Most people would probably put their family after God. For me, if I’m not fulfilled it’s really hard to give my family the best of me. I’m my families number one cheerleader, but you know what?, Mommy deserves cheerleaders too! The key is for Mommy to give the family something to cheer for. 
LaChanel is the founder of MommyMakingMoves.com, a lifestyle blog that magnifies the power of motherhood and the finesse it takes to raise a family while still growing as a woman. Encouraging women to not give-up on themselves is her life’s work. When she’s not working (which is rare) she loves watching episodes of Martin, shopping for wine colored lipstick and dancing. She lives in Chicago with her husband (Randy), younger sister (Breeyona), son (Randy) and cat (Frost).