Where would we be in life without our friends? They make us laugh, keep us sane, and offer a listening ear we can vent to. Friends are welcomed into our families, and sometimes take the place of those missing. The bond between friends can be thicker than blood, and strong enough to handle any discrepancy that happens. They come into our lives unexpectedly, changing it for a lifetime. It’s no wonder they have such a huge influence on the decisions we make, and how we choose to live our lives.

We’ve all heard the saying “If you ever want to know where someone is going in life, look at his, or her five closest friends”. I believe this to be true because we often choose like-minded individuals to be friends with. We base our friendships on common interests, similar personalities, and the characteristics we see.

As we go through life and begin developing new interests, our circle of friends begin to change as well. I’m willing to bet anyone reading this blog has had to make the difficult decision to unfriend someone because they weren’t going in the same direction you were. Maybe this friend was actually holding you back, or trying to deter you from future goals. This friend may have been giving you a bad reputation, or tarnishing your image because most people assume “birds of a feather flock together”.

So as you grow older, the dilemma at hand becomes should you keep, or make friends, based upon the amount of fun you have with that person? Or should you choose the person that’s good for yourself and your future? Of course life would be easier if you could have both, and sometimes you can. But when you feel the tug at your heart that it’s time to move on for whatever reason, listen to that gut feeling. *cues music* It’s sooo hard to saaaayyyy good-bye.

You know those “friends” that:

  • Bring nothing but negativity, and complain all the time.
  • Encourage you to spend recklessly beyond your budget.
  • When you hang out, you drink past your limit and frequently black out.
  • You somehow always end up in a fight whenever you go out with them.
  • Always tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear.
  • Wants you to go back to the old you from “back in the day”.
  • Gets upset that you changed by trying to better yourself, and now they claim you’re “too good” or “funny acting”.

When is it Ever a Good Time to say Good-bye to Friends


Now if you’re reading this and one particular person continues to come to mind, then it probably means it’s time to end the relationship if it’s not worth salvaging. Let’s talk about a few key things to remember as you make this transition.

  • Never feel bad for wanting to cut off dead weight that’s holding you back.
  • Relationships are better when two-sided, and both parties can benefit in some type of way.
  • Remember some people are only in your life for a season. They come to mold you, teach you, and provide a lesson.
  • Don’t view the relationship as a waste of time, instead be grateful for what you did have with that person.
  • Embrace change; it’s okay to outgrow someone.

Friends should inspire you to want better. They should push you into greatness, and have your best interest at heart. I’ll leave you with these three questions:

What does your circle of friends say about you?

Does your friendship resemble one that’s healthy?

 What three words would you use to describe your circle of friends?


Have you experienced something similar before? Share below.