I am often amazed when I hear people reference dating in this new era. I had often wondered what they meant….until I dated in 2017! I realized that the dating game had changed. It changed so much so that I had to ask myself, ” Where did these people come from?”  From the ladies to the gentlemen; it’s all vastly different. It dawned on me that there are more people looking to have someone rather build something when it comes to relationships. It appears as long as the LOVE (lust) bug bites, everything else must be alright! WRONG!  It’s time to get smart about dating in 2017! It is time to date with intention, purpose, and strategically or all you’ll have to look forward to is becoming a serial dater. I am no longer apologetic when I say Love (lust) simply is NOT enough.

In 2017, consider these questions before jumping into a relationship and if you’re in one, consider these before moving forward.

  1. What are you building toward? Do you both have goals, ambition, and are actively working towards those goals? Ask yourself, how or if your lives will merge well. Remember, just because there is a connection or chemistry, doesn’t mean you’re compatible. Figure out if you two compliment each other in other areas besides physical traits.
  2. Do you find yourself compromising all the time? I am not talking about food options, or places to travel. I am talking compromise as in – the things you KNOW you don’t want to endure, but are tolerating because you want them around. If someone loves you – you won’t have to adjust your core. Meaning, you shouldn’t have to tolerate disrespect (blatant or accidental). You shouldn’t have to concern yourself with attributes and characteristics you don’t like (smoking, drinking, sharing, cursing, etc.)
  3. Is this someone you can honestly deal with as they are today? It appears that in 2017, if we don’t like something we simply move on. It’s tough to locate someone who is interested in your mind, heart, and soul rather than just your physical appearance.  Learn to ask yourself, if this person never changed, could I accept them as they are today? If that answer is No, stop wasting valuable time.

Dating in 2017 will require many to  evaluate time killers and energy suckers when it comes to people. Who you entertain is an indication of what you think you want and how you truly feel about yourself. Do yourself a favor and learn these questions early so you don’t have to endure a failed situationship later.

Your biggest fan,