If you ever wondered what you shouldn’t say to a Pregnant woman then guess what? Today is your lucky day. I actually started this list when I was indeed expecting because I planned on blogging about it.

When I was expecting, I was fortunate enough to share my journey with other first-time mommy friends and family. I remember the endless convos we would have about the random questions and comments we would receive. Some amusing and others not so much.

Sooooo here is my advice on what not to say to pregnant women:

“Better you than me”

Yes, this actually happened to me. Excited to share my pregnancy news I had someone tell me “Better You Than Me”. Bringing a life into the world is an overall happy time. If you don’t have anything positive to say then don’t say anything at all. Mommies-to-be are already nervous and excited all at the same time. Positive vibes only.


“You better enjoy yourself now, because you aren’t going to get any sleep for a long time”

We know that there will be challenges with parenthood. There is no need to highlight them right now. Let the mommy-to-be enjoy the stage she is currently in.


“Was the baby planned?”

I always wonder why people ask this question. Granted this may be a question you ask a close girlfriend or sister, buttttt it still can be invasive. Be careful with this one.


“You are ready to pop!!” (classic line)

Tell us something we hadn’t heard before. Nine times out of ten when pregnant women are being asked this question we are counting down the days, hours, minutes until we give birth. 😩 Aka we are already a bit uncomfortable physically and we don’t need a reminder.


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“Are you craving pickles?

Just don’t ask this. It’s corny. Believe it or not, not every pregnant woman gets cravings.  Also, not all cravings are pickles.  Shocker!


“Can I touch your belly?”

Asking is always better than taking it upon yourself to just touch, but it simply makes things awkward for the mother to be. If she would like for you to feel the baby kick let her be the one to initiate this. K?

“You’re having another girl/boy? Will you try again for a boy/girl?”

Generally speaking, you don’t know what it took for this woman to conceive. It could have taken this mother years to have her first, second or third child. Each child is significant whether it’s a boy or a girl. Let’s just wish the mommy-to-be again well.  Something as precious as life doesn’t need to sound insignificant with the disappointment of having a boy over a girl or vice versa.
Thinking back before I was a mom,  chatting with pregnant women about their experience was wonderful.   I’ve always found pregnancy to be simply amazing and a true sign of the creators’ blessings. It’s totally natural as a woman to feel this way. Especially if you have never had children, having curiosity and excitement. I’ve learned so much in my journey to motherhood and sharing these tips can continue to help others.

Let’s celebrate Mommies-To-Be’s and be supportive in their journey’s.

Got questions? Or want to chat more?  Find me over on my lifestyle blog, Natural HIGH. See You Soon!