There is truly no comfort in being mediocre in any area of life coming up in the era of Beyoncé.

Yes, Beyoncé is pregnant with twins, was absolutely amazing performing at the 59th Grammy Awards, dazzled at her mother’s Wearable Art Gala, and just launched a $300 Lemonade Box Set. Whatever excuses you had for slacking off, please trash them immediately. If you deliver one of the most breathtaking performances while pregnant, then you are clearly a boss! Beyoncé of course used her platform at the Grammy’s to celebrate African history during Black history month. A marketing genius & master at creating stories, Beyoncé took her incredible gift of fertility (pregnancy with twins) & shifted into a full tribute to the Goddess Oshun. As a student of African-American literature, I couldn’t help but notice her subliminal tribute to Ntosake Shange’s ‘For Colored Girls who Considered Suicide when the Rainbow was not Enuf’. Most recently, Beyonce surprised audiences by launching ‘How to make Lemonade’. Beyoncé always comes bearing eternal gifts: art, music and life lessons.

1. Mothers are the Creators of Life & Women the Guardians of Humanity

Throughout a listening session of Lemonade, you’ll see there is so much power in healing. There is strength in vulnerability. However, we have to always seek love and understanding as we process what it means to be mothers, daughters and guardians of livelihood. You can visibly see Beyoncé’s mother sitting a level above, with her hand on Beyoncé’s shoulder, then with Blue Ivy. The first preview of this motif was in 2013 in the ‘Grown Woman’ video. In the first image, Beyoncé wore a gold necklace with piping up the neckline and in the new image that symbol has been transferred to Blue Ivy.

2. There is Power in Femininity

Be beautiful. Be bold. Love yourself and always take time to revel in your own light. Beyoncé has taught us that there is brilliance in embracing the feminine powers we have as women. There is power in loving your man and honoring your commitment before God. There is everlasting love in embracing being a mother to a beautiful daughter that looks like you and reminds you of your mother. There is comfort in celebrating the beauty of attraction & our bodies. Matter of fact, King Bey has mastered the art of teaching women how to love our bodies through highlighting our most attractive features.

3. Every Blessing is Worth Celebrating

Don’t shy away from celebrating your gifts. In whatever form they may be, there is beauty in them. There’s beauty in you. Everything you do, achieve and receive are a part of you becoming the woman that God intended. Many remember Beyoncé sharing the truth of her miscarriage and now we can see her sheer happiness with her pregnancy with twins. Celebrate your journey; the ups and downs make you who you are destined to become.
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4. Visualize the Dream, Tell Your Story & Design your Future

Many poetry and art analysts have been connecting the dots for years, however, Beyoncé made a clear reference to her 2013 song ‘Grown Woman’ where she appeared at the foot of her mother, the Matriarch. Here a clearly pregnant Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy both sit next to Mrs. Tina Lawson (Beyoncé’s mother). Another beautiful part is when you realize the power in visualizing your dream, working hard to get there and then realizing it through hard work. Queen B has come full circle in showing us how to manifest greatness.
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5. Always Choose Faith over Fear

In a visual representation of “that which holds you is broken, but that which sustains you is always present” Beyoncé allows her body to lay in an angle that defied gravity and we’re sure scared most audience members. However, it was a great lesson in knowing where your true support comes from. Don’t allow fear to stop you from moving in the direction of your dreams.
59th GRAMMY Awards - Show

6. Know your History & Use it to Empower!

As members of the African Diaspora it is our responsibility to know and learn our history. While visiting Spain, I had the opportunity to learn about the African Goddess Oshun through a documentary on the Daughters of Isis. Beyoncé has clearly paid tribute to the fertility Goddess several times and definitely has brought the story around full circle in her life. Although, many don’t believe in these deities it is important to know of their existence, the cultures that worship them and how there stories are connected to the African Diaspora.

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7. There is Pain & Beauty in Being Unapologetically Black

Tribute to Poets & Poetry
I could not help but notice the women standing in the back, the women in color. There were women in color of color standing behind Beyoncé as she embraced her place. They stood there as they represented every woman of color who had to embrace what trials her ‘color’ represented. Lovers of literature and art will all continuously praise Ntozake Shange’s ‘For Colored Girls…’ It’s powerful, amazing, painful and represents our journey as Black women seeking to find our place in America.
The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show
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What inspires you most about Beyoncé as you visualize your dreams?

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