As an entrepreneur, when you are first starting out you are faced with so many decisions on ways to get your brand/product out to the masses; channels for marketing, advertising, media, messaging and more. In addition to considering the following, most entrepreneurs have a limited budget which dictates how much of the above options are feasible. While we would like to see our brand on every channel and billboard, sometimes our dream for our brand does not align with the budget we have. A lot of the above can be achieved via a Marketing/ PR consultant; however, it’s important to know when you should hire a consultant. Here are five tips to let you know a consultant is needed.

1.)    Access to a larger network

There are a lot of inexpensive marketing options you to pursue yourself as an entrepreneur; Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms have made it easier than ever to narrow down your target audience and advertise your brand. However, once you are ready to have your brand/product placed with celebrities, included in notable events or with other notable people, it’s probably time to hire a Marketing/PR consultant. The consultant, through work they’ve done for clients, brand, etc. will have access to individuals you may not be able to reach and can negotiate a fair price or trade of services because of their familiarity with the market.

2.)    Ready for media placement, Marketing/ PR consultants speak the language of journalist

While companies can buy media placement for their brand, a part of journalist’s job is to bring the public fresh stories, latest trends and more. The consultant understands the language of a journalist and can pitch your brand to get you placement without you having to exhaust thousands of dollars on advertising.

3.)    Need someone with a specialized skillset

Of course, with time comes experience, Marketing/ PR consultants have been doing this longer than you. The consultant has experienced making mistakes and know’s the do and don’ts of Marketing/PR. The can provide insight on marketing they will work best for your business.

4.)    Mass communication

Marketing/ PR professionals are familiar with major distribution channels to communicate your company’s message. When your company is ready to communicate with a larger audience, the consultant will know just how to get that message out.

5.)    Competitive edge over the competition

Have you ever noticed that some brands are everywhere; TV commercials, social media billboards. Everywhere you look you see their brand, and it becomes programmed into your brain. Marketing/ PR consultants can strategically position your brand in the right places and get your brand exposure giving you a competitive advantage over the competition.


In short, once you have exhausted the options available or hit a plateau for your level of marketing knowledge it’s time to hire a Marketing/ PR consultant to take your brand to the next level.