I read an article that suggested entrepreneurship is at its highest now. With an economic downfall approaching, people are nervous which has created a variety of individuals looking to capitalize on entrepreneurship! This is fantastic, in my opinion; however an entrepreneur in love could change the dynamic of a relationship.

Here’s a few things to consider prior to jumping into the “R” word with an entrepreneur.

  1. Entrepreneurs are thinkers – this means, you may find them weird. Entrepreneurs tend to think outside the box. They don’t confine themselves to regular strategies. They are typically innovative, optimistic, and rebels. During discussion, you may not always see eye to eye. They’re just not as logical as you’d like them to be. Remember, that can be good.
  2. They aren’t governed by a schedule. Although many balance well, they’re always working. Even when they aren’t. They’re bound to be in mid conversation, then suddenly writing an idea on a napkin. Learn to discuss those ideas and concepts with them opposed to getting frustrated that they’ve zoned out. They’ll come back and likely be excited to share the revelation with you!
  3. Sometimes they need and require solitude. It’s not you! Often, entrepreneurs experience a multitude of emotions. They’re business is intermingled in their life. This requires them to be in constant evaluation. It’s who they are. This can be good for your relationship. It forces them to be and do better in every area of their life; that includes you!
  4. They’re extremely opinionated.  As I mentioned earlier, they’re not typical thinkers and are rebels. When they have their mind made up – it’s made up. They don’t like being told no, they can’t, or they shouldn’t. Why?! They’ve built their life around being free. Entrepreneurs focus less on income and more on freedom or solving a problem. They just happen to profit from what they do! Respect their opinions and learn how to challenge and support their thinking. This doesn’t mean, you can’t disagree, or poke ideas in their thinking – it simply means you’ll have to become a sounding board which most of them really like.
  5. Lastly, they get bored easily! Doing something over and over is mundane. They’re often looking for the next thrill. They like fun, joy, travel, random pleasure, and spontaneous events! It doesn’t mean you’ll bore them if you’re on a schedule, but if you’re unable to adjust well – that may cause an issue. They want to be able to adjust and enjoy life. Do that with them.

Being with an entrepreneur is work! However, it’ll be the time of your life.

Your biggest fan,