Finally – Spring is in the air and if you’re like me, Spring is a time of rejuvenation and rebirth. It’s a time to press reset and get the stuff done that you’ve been too busy to do, or that you’ve been avoiding. One of the areas that I’m tackling this Spring Cleaning Season is my finances.

Below are 11 ways that you can join me in doing some spring cleaning with your finances:

  1. Take a video inventory of your home and all of your valuables. Stuff happens and it’s better to be prepared than to wish that you had prepared. Taking a video inventory of what’s in your home will make it easier to get compensation for your belongings should anything happen.
  2. Back up important financial documents electronically. It’s so easy to lose things and when it comes to replacing lost financial documents, it can be such a hassle. Save yourself the trouble and scan all of your important financial documents, keeping them somewhere safe. I have a physical hard drive that I use, which is a good investment, but I also use my cloud drive as well.  
  3. The days of having physical copies are over – everything is electronic. Go through all of your financial documents and shred the ones that you no longer need. I recommend using a professional shredding company because, with the rise of scams and identity theft, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  4. Check your credit score by going to Annual Credit Report. See what’s on there and if any of the information is incorrect, file a dispute. This article here gives a nice overview on how to file a dispute with a credit bureau.
  5. Revamp your budget. By this point in the year, you can evaluate what your shopping habits have been for the past four months. This information can be helpful in helping you set a more realistic budget, and also in making some cuts. You’d be surprised to find out where all of your money has been going!
  6. Review your insurance policies. Evaluate whether or not you are receiving enough coverage. Do you need to adjust payments? Do you qualify for any discounts?
  7. Close any unused accounts if it makes sense for you to do so. Do you have more checkings accounts than you need? Do you have a store credit card that you haven’t used in a while and don’t plan on using? Close it.
  8. Review and/or set some new financial goals. Goals in all areas of our lives help provide direction and structure. You should be telling your money what to do and not the other way around. What are some things that you’d like to achieve financially with the rest of 2017? Maybe you have a store credit card that you’d like to finally pay off, or maybe you have a certain amount of money that you’re aiming to save. Set some specific goals for your finances and keep them visible.
  9. Increase your savings. Instead of only putting away money into your savings account only once a month, increase it to two times a month; or add an additional $10 everytime you put money into your bank account.
  10. Negotiate some of your bills. Especially if you’ve been making payments on time consecutively for a while. Some of the bills that you may want to consider doing this with may be your cellphone provider, cable/internet provider, or even your car insurance.
  11. Give. There’s just something about generosity that allows for more abundance to overflow in all aspects of life. When you give, give whatever is in your heart to give!

There are plenty of other ways in which you can spring clean your finances, but this is just a list to help get you started and create some momentum. I urge you now that you’ve read this piece stop what you’re doing and go get your finances in order!

What ways are you going to be spring cleaning your finances? Let us know in the comments below!