The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

– Amelia Earhart


Kicking off the Woman on the Move: Virtual Panel Series speaking on location independence was none other than Amirah Cook of the duo Cool Young History! Amirah, who was the first featured speaker of the series, has been traveling the world for over 4 years with her husband, Jarrell Cook. They’ve traveled together to approximately 30 countries and 4 continents and are now living a location independent lifestyle in Bangkok, Thailand.

I know what you’re thinking… there’s no way a young millennial couple from Ohio is traveling all over the world and crushing their dreams together! Yes, they are! Amirah is very candid and open about the different experiences they’ve had throughout the 4 years that they’ve been abroad. It’s pretty fascinating when you take a look at their journey together on their blog and on social media. We are super grateful for them pursuing their passion & definitely loved the gems that Amirah dropped for us in Woman on the Move!

5 Ways to Achieve Location Independence:

1. Blogging

HowIMakeMoneyAroundtheWorldEverywhere you go everyone is telling you the importance of blogging. Why? It’s pretty plain and simple; it’s a great passive way of making money. You share what you know and do it in a way to engage & build followers and to market upcoming and existing products. In her presentation, Amirah shared how blogging has really opened doors for Cool Young History. Amirah is a very humble and somewhat shy person on social media so she doesn’t really toot her own horn, but we definitely want you to know how awesome this young lady is. They have over 7.5K followers and have been featured in publications from xonecoleJet Magazine and more through sharing their journey on their blog.



2. Affiliate Marketing

Amirah001So Amirah blew our mind with the $10,000 tidbit she shared during this segment. Apparently, she did major homework while traveling abroad as a newlywed and wanderlust club member! While learning about ways to generate savings and funds through affiliate marketing, Amirah plugged in her Airbnb link on coupon sites. From this strategic move, she generated $10K in referral credits that allowed her and her husband to travel through many European countries and Morocco for virtually free! Additionally, she has many different affiliate links plugged into her site that allow her to create passive income. While she was speaking I was telling one of the founders of Innclusive (a friendly alternative to Airbnb for Black people) about her come up & he was shocked!

3. Creating Products & Services

Have you ever created an eBook? If not, then you’re missing out on a very quick and simple way of creating passive income. While in France, Amirah and I were discussing some of our goals and she shared several resources with me. After doing more research, I wrote an article while I was freelancing and living in Saint Aubin D’aubigne, France called ‘Everyone Should Write an eBook’. Amirah referenced in her presentation that she’s seen me leverage the power of creating a digital guide to build my brand and create another stream of income. It’s amazing to think that Cool Young History was just in the beginning stages at that time; now there are several eCourses available such as the Dual eCourse: Passport to Passive Income & Lightbulb Effect.

4. Freelancing

IMG_1538You will probably never hear the end of freelancing. Now it’s easier than ever to sign up on different platforms and use your skills as a freelancer. Think about what you’re always complimented on or what comes naturally to you and figure out a way to package it to generate another stream of income. Whether it’s writing resumes, blogging, editing or graphic design; there’s a platform for you to showcase your talent and work remotely.

5. Reselling

While in Asia, Amirah created a custom snack box for followers that wanted to have a taste of exotic snacks abroad. She literally grabbed her favorite snacks (curated a box of snacks) & made a profit. With her access to amazing crafts, she started selling silk scarves while in Cambodia; what an awesome way to create value for your followers and generate passive income!

Watch Amirah’s presentation in Woman on the Move!