There are men who handle business… then there are grown boys who don’t. The latter tends to produce all kinds of issues for relationships, especially when it comes to finances. These days there has been quite an increase both men who prefer women to support them financially and women who don’t mind paying for their affection and attention. Don’t fall into this “paying for love” phenomenon. Here are a few ways to spot a financially irresponsible man before getting too deeply involved with him.

He has no problem asking you or others for money

A guy that seems extremely comfortable asking you or others for money, especially routinely, is more than likely used to expecting others to foot the bill. Pride plays a big part with men that are used to taking care of themselves financially, so asking you for money would either be nonexistent or rare. A self-sufficient man would be genuinely embarrassed to have to ask others for money to handle their business.

If he’s carefree about you throwing money his way, it’s more than likely because that’s common for him, or it’s somewhat of a relationship goal. Be careful not to be fooled by pretenders. There are men out there who pretend to be embarrassed in order to keep their mooching pattern undetected.

He splurges often

Financially responsible males understand the importance of saving and budgeting. They may treat themselves to nice things based on their income levels, but they know that they can’t make it rain on any and everything they desire without some sort of hit to their pockets. Financially irresponsible guys,however, often prefer being flashy and looking paid over financial stability and living comfortably. If he seems to make a habit out of living outside of his means just to be able to keep up with and impress others, he probably fits in this category.

There’s always a bad luck story

We all go through rough times and unfortunate circumstances. Everyone tends to come into financial hardships at some point or another. However, there are some men out there who seem to have a financial hardship story every time you speak to them. If a guy pursuing you always has a story to tell you regarding him being in a bind that requires financial assistance, he is more than likely trying to get pity from you that he hopes will turn into a donation of funds.

Be mindful of men who go out of their way to always discuss their financial woes with you, especially in beginning stages of dating, or when there seems to be a new problem almost daily. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help others that fall on hard times but understand the difference between someone who is always trying to manipulate others into giving him money, and someone who works for their own money but may just have fallen on a rough patch.

He constantly lives with and off of others

There are not too many things more obvious about a financially irresponsible guy than the observation that he almost always is living with others. Financially responsible men are usually able to maintain a roof over their head, paying their bills accordingly in order to maintain independence. If he’s unable to maintain a place to stay, and always seems to be moving in with friends or family members, there’s a huge chance he’s not managing his money well. Either that, or he’s choosing not to work enough to be independent.

Another sign of a financially irresponsible man is one who seems to be eager to move in with you or sleep over at your home frequently. While this may sometimes be because he wants to spend as much time as possible with you, this can also mean he is trying to make you his next meal ticket. Also, be mindful of men that have a lot of clothing in the trunks of their vehicle, because they just might be living out of their vehicle and just finding different women to spend the night with.

Don’t be fooled by looks, partying habits, etc. There are plenty of guys out there who may seem put together well but they’re only getting by through pretending to be interested in unsuspecting, generous women. This article isn’t to scare you into assuming every man is an opportunist because that’s far from the truth. It’s simply to help you understand that they do exist, and how easy it can be to find yourself a target for a financially irresponsible man seeking a sponsor instead of a spouse/partner. Don’t let your desire for a relationship or marriage cause you to sign up for taking care of a man that chooses not to take care of himself.