Why relationship goals should be a thing of the past

Happy Couple

As social media continues to become an integrated part of our lives, some of us have decided to use the various platforms as a way to express our goals. Although it can be inspiring, our romantic relationships should never be based upon farfetched and unrealistic ideals taken from photos, hashtags, and captions.

It seems like every time you scroll down your timeline, there’s that one couple spoiling each other, wearing matching shirts/sneakers, going on luxurious vacations, taking family photos, and being the epitome of what we’ve been told a healthy relationship should look like. What we don’t see is what goes on offline, the breakups, uncertainty, insecurities, and arguments. All a natural part of growing together but it can easily be forgotten that these picturesque partnerships have their difficulties too. That’s right; social media is a place to display the highlights of our lives but sometimes all you see is an illusion. Even if it isn’t, whatever storms the pair has weathered together might not be worth trading for your own. Relationships aren’t about likes, pictures, and superficial gifts. Your bond with your partner should be unique and something you created together, combining your lives to have love on your terms.

We need to worry less about appearing to be happy and changing our relationship statuses to appease what’s expected of us from our friends and family, so that we can hone our communication skills, trust, and respect for our significant other. In case anyone forgot, the point is to actually be happy people! Define love and happiness on your own time and not by what’s on your timeline. Get together and get you both some goals, real ones! Financial goals, religious goals, parenting goals and whatever else will add value to your lives together. Focus on the things that have purpose and will be healthy for both parties involved That’s how you stay in love. That’s how you find and learn new ways to love each other.

Now imagine you push away the one person who truly loves you, all for the sake of keeping up with the Jones’; and the whole time, they were never even happy. Don’t ruin your relationship trying to compete with what you see. Love was never intended to be a competition, it’s a journey. And sometimes everything isn’t always what it’s “post” to be!