by: @lauranslane

(Photo Source: Beyoncé.com)

Ladies – if we are honest with ourselves, we see more relationship DRAMA than we see anything, relative to television/reality TV. It also seems as though women are doing the MOST to either carry their relationship, or to show their love interest how much THEY are into HIM. No shade to the fellas – because they also should be made to feel loved and appreciated in their relationships with us. But, in the case of the ladies…Is He YOUR Biggest Fan? Well, why don’t we take a look at just THREE ways to tell if your man is your biggest fan.

Number One: He is supportive of your endeavors. He may not let you practice makeup on his face (if you are a budding MUA), but he compliments your work and the way you are promoting your brand. You may be an up and coming Personal Stylist, and he allows himself to be your first client. Have an online business? He’s telling people about your products and sending you referrals. Are you a Motivational Speaker? He either shows up to your events to help set up, or he tunes in online to your webinars. As your biggest fan, your Man should most CERTAINLY support your endeavors.

Number TwoHe cares about what’s happening in your life. Listen…this may seem small, but to have someone (for example) inquire about your day, and actually LISTEN to what you have to say, with feedback? THIS is an amazing feeling. He’s not just asking out of routine; he’s asking because he genuinely cares and wants to know just what took place in your day. Communication is the root and foundation of ALL KINDS of relationships, so if he’s on point with checking in to see how his lady is fairing, you’ve got someone who may be looking to solidify that deeper connection with you! As your biggest fan, your Man should care about what happens in your life.

Number Three: He doesn’t forget about you. He noticed you staring at a bouquet of unusual flowers; the next day, he gets them for you! You think you’re going on a regular date to dinner and a movie, but he’s gotten you a card and your favorite candy to sneak in the theater. He knows that you have a big interview coming up/big meeting to facilitate, so he sends you a quick text to let you know that he is wishing for your success. He knows that you have been having some down moments, so the next time you are in his presence, he’s picked out the most BEAUTIFUL card and has included his own verbiage to make it more personal. Men know exactly what they want; don’t let them fool you. If he WANTS to do anything for you, he WILL do it. There’s no gray area there! Even the busiest man in the world makes time for his spouse…just as President Barack Obama! As your biggest fan, your Man WILL NOT forget about you.

I personally am grateful for the ones who DIDN’T get it right, because they made room for the one who gets it right DAILY! Love should never hurt; love is clear and concise; love comes with no conditions. The best feeling in the world is to be in a relationship with someone who “gets it”, and knows what they need to do for their situation. Is He Your Biggest Fan? I can answer this question with a resounding “YES”! Can you?