How much does your life cost? Simple question. Complex answer. As women of various shades, sizes, and ages filled the boutique style room. The My Finances Are Beautiful Tour made a quick stop into the land of Georgia Peaches to educate the modern day woman on getting her finances in order. Hosted by Atlanta and charismatic blogger Mattie James. The evening was off to a great start.  The essence of black girl magic filled the room as the Dj caused all our heads to nod to a familiar beat. Bold, funny, and honest, Marsha Barnes question rested on all our lips and furrowed each woman’s brow. We all searched hopelessly for the correct answer to Marsh’s pop quiz. Each woman scribbled a secret onto an index card and passed her secret forward. It was in that moment that our finance guru unveiled that she too once struggled with her finances in an attempt to keep up with the Joneses.

A sigh of relief.  Each woman read a financial secret out loud of her neighbors and if you were bold enough to claim your note, the floor was open for discussion. One woman confessed she was addicted to swiping her credit card frequently, another confessed of being the financial backbone of her family, and lastly, we were all guilty of spending more than we saved.  Instead of making each woman feel ashamed, Marsha empowers the audience with pivotal life advice that will influence the way you spend and view money. Here are just a few of those tips:

Tell yourself: I am powerful. I am in control of my finances. When you are able to control how and when you spend your money. You take back your power and are able to lead the life you imagine. Know longer are you burden or tied down to a job that pays you less than you’re worth. Your finances give you freedom and power to be control of your future.

Figure out how much your life cost: Add all of your bills, utilities, leisure activities, and etc. once you have calculated the total, review how much you make monthly before taxes. If you spend more than you save, you will see how much your life cost. You have to be willing to give up something in order to gain more.

Don’t say you’re living paycheck to paycheck: When in actuality you should be honest with yourself and say you can’t commit to making changes to your finances. People who live paycheck to paycheck work, eat dinner at home and go back to work. Living paycheck to paycheck does not include movies, dining out, subscription services, or shopping.


The problem a lot of us have is that we always think, something is coming. You buy a dress on sale. It’s outside your budget. But, you don’t care because you want it, you have the money, and you will get paid again in two weeks.  What happens when the money you were hoping for doesn’t come? You lose your job, get sick, or hurt and suddenly you find yourself scrambling for cash during hard times. The reality is we’re all striving for financial freedom. Freedom to multi-stream our income, retire, take care of our parents, and see the world. Someday that day will come. Until it does let’s use the brains and common sense God gave us and let’s save our money.  Before you swipe your card, ask yourself this one question: Is this purchase pushing me one step towards my goal or away from my goal? Be honest with yourself. Do something today that your future self will thank you for and that begins and ends with getting your finances in order.