phone detox

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Swiping left or right has become the new norm of dating. Whatever happened to dinner and a movie, sending flowers to her job, being asked out personally (face to face)? Let me answer that for you: Skype dates, coffee meet-ups, gifs and direct messages has replaced it all. Everyone is jumping in on this “virtual shopping extravaganza”. The current dating scene prevents people from actually letting their guard down and being vulnerable enough to fall for someone. It’s all a big game that is being played.

With all of the facades on social media and dating sites, you can’t even tell what is real or not anymore. Pseudo communication has opened a bigger door for strangers with ulterior motives. People try to get to know each other solely through text messages, which lack personality and emotions, but the fact that they are able to connect with multiple people simultaneously is attractive to some. “Hello Beautiful” and “Good Morning Sexy” is the new romance. Sliding into DMs, boosting the confidence of those who never receive attention, gives the green light of acceptance to continue to do so. No one is original anymore. Women know to expect the same tired nonsense.

Technology has allowed men to have the upper hand on women. Apps like Bumble forces the woman to make the first move and the men decide if they want to proceed. It’s a virtual meat market. Men do not have to work for what they want anymore. Women make it too easy by sending “pics” through apps like Snapchat, sexting, and by putting up with all of the bull not to lose a man because technology has made it is so hard for women to find a new one. Apps like Tinder and Soul Swipe are known to be where you can just find someone to “hook up” with, if that’s all you’re looking for.

Google voice numbers are now given out instead of real phone numbers because people expect the relationship with the person that they are connecting with to already be short term. There is no hope of something real or long lasting. The constant search for something better is provided by technology. Because of the immediate gratification social media and dating sites give, it also brings trust issues and being unfaithful.

On the flip side, sites make some appreciate the role technology has played when it comes to dating. It has given hope to the introverts who are too shy to go out and meet new people. Dating sites make it easy to connect with thousands of people, giving them options that they would have never had. So there are some positives. It also works for people who are very busy and don’t have time to meet people the traditional way. So whether you are old fashioned or modern find what works for you, be patient and hopeful. There is someone out there for all of us.