Spring Break Staycation
Spring Break Staycation

Photo Credit: Chioma Johnson

Spring break is right around the corner. No plans? No worries. Here are five ideas to create your own fun, with the kids in mind. The best part…None of them require major planning or major cash.

Be a tourist for the day. Do you spend the majority of your time in the community that you live in? You shop at the same nearby grocery stores and frequent many of the same place because it’s convenient, right? Especially, when you have children. Spend time in a part of town you’re less familiar with. Try a new restaurant. Stroll through a farmer’s market. Visit a quirky museum. Take a bus tour and learn some little known historical facts.

Give back. Many of us develop certain interests at an early age that become hobbies later in life. The same can be said for the causes we support. Explain the importance of doing good deeds to your children. If they are old enough to understand societal issues that impact your community, allow them to decide how they want to give back. The little ones may need a little more direction. Visit an elderly care home. Make care packages for the homeless. Volunteer at a shelter for women and children. Clean up a park.

Park Hop! Fix breakfast and discuss ground rules for the day. You know. Stranger danger, staying in the line of eyesight. All that good stuff. If you plan properly, you’ll be singing my praises at the end of the day. Thank me later. Research local parks and consider the following; would the amenities appeal to your kids? Is there more than one play structure? Are the play structures age appropriate? Public restrooms? Narrow your list of parks down to three or four top contenders. Realistically, your kiddo will probably last through two park visits, but it’s a good idea to have backups in case there’s an unforeseen reason, like overcrowding, that prevents you from visiting a park. Bring a few things to keep yourself occupied. I always take hand weights in case we decide to go for a walk and the book I’m reading at the time. Head to the grocery store for goodies, hydration, and lunch. Stay and play at your first destination until the little ones become restless. The time it takes to drive to the next location is enough downtime for them to re-energize for the next adventure. Once you arrive at the second location, find a spot to have lunch and then head off to play again.

Home, Sweet Home. After spending a day outdoors, your kids will appreciate a day of relaxation. Don’t set any alarms. Don’t make plans. Just don’t! Heck, don’t put on pants or a bra if you so choose. Wake up in your jammies, have cereal, pop in the first movie of the day and park it in your favorite spot on the couch. You could spend the rest of the day relaxing and watching movies. Or, if you would like to make more effective use of your time, choose one spot in the house for you guys to do some joint spring cleaning. Maybe it’s time to raid the toy bins and get rid of the things your kids no longer play with. This would also be the perfect time to get rid of old clothes or switch out seasonal items in your closets.

Game Night! Invite your friends and family over and end the week with a bang. Allow the kids to help you plan the entire event. If you took pictures throughout the week, you can even pencil in some time during the evening for your little ones to tell everyone about how they spent their week.

Let these kid-friendly Spring Break Staycation ideas serve as an inspiration to create an experience your entire family can enjoy.