Words are powerful. They can and will motivate you to do something you’ve never thought you’ll do. Words can and will stop you from doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing. When words are spoken from someone that’s important to you they become empowering. The catch is that some of us don’t use our own words to motivate, encourage, and empower ourselves.

There are 3 words frequently used when a situation or circumstance requires a change to happen. Instead of embracing change these words are used, and consequently, causing major disruption. Now in some cases, disruption is good because it forces a change to happen. But in this instance, we’re talking about the disruption that’s paralyzing.

The 3 words that will disrupt your life every time you use them are:


As a child, my late Grandmother would always say to me “can’t  is not a word” every time it came out of my mouth. That simple phrase stuck with me all my life and has helped me move past some very tough barriers. Having those simple words in the back of my mind throughout the years has forced me to take action.

Do you know what happens when a sentence starts with “I can’t”? Those two words literally take you out of the running before the race gets started. It’s impossible to know you “can’t” do something if you never take action. “I can’t” is an automatic verbal reaction when it’s time to step outside your comfort zone. Yes, I get it’s all comfy and cozy within the comfort zone but success requires being uncomfortable.



Now “try” is a little tricky because some may believe it promotes possibility. In reality, the word gives off a lack of confidence and promotes inaction.It’s the subtle but acceptable way to ease the pressure from doing what’s uncomfortable. Every time this word is used you’re saying to yourself “not now, later” instead of “now, later may never come”.

Many opportunities have been passed up because someone lacks the inner confidence to move fearfully. Yes, it’s possible to move while fearful and still make your dreams happen. Why? The answer is simple: because you took action.

Think about it. Action and confidence go hand in hand. The more action you take the more your confidence grows. The more your confidence grows the more action you take. But you’ll never get there if you only “try” to do it.


Recently, I started listening to the 5 Second Rule on audible by Mel Robbins. The book talks about how it takes 5 seconds to talk yourself out of taking action. So, I got to thinking about the word maybe.

There have been plenty of times I’ve taken action without thinking. Certainly, I’ve passed up many opportunities by taking more than 5 seconds to think about it. Then there are other times when I’ve used the word “maybe” putting myself in limbo about a decision.

When in limbo there’s a lot of over thinking that happens and it leaves the door open for self-doubt. Every time “maybe” is used it means that a decision is put on hold until something “magical” happens.

Well, what if the “magic” never happens? Now you’ve missed out on an opportunity that could have moved you to the next level. With that said, “maybe” doesn’t count. The next time the urge to respond saying “maybe” comes up simply say either yes or no.

There are many unconscious mental blocks that prevent progress. These blocks go unnoticed because they’re designed to protect us from fear. However, fear is a part of life. With that said, in the words of Tony Robbins, “learn to dance with fear”.