the best apps for busy women and entrepreneurs

Let’s be honest, we’re all very busy…

Gone are the days when women are one thing or the other… now, we wear many hats. We’re business owners and bloggers. We have side-hustles and we juggle multiple streams of income. We’re moms and wives and sometimes even caretakers. We do it all and we try to make it all work while maintaining grace, style, and effectiveness. Our endless to-do list, and the responsibilities that accompany it, often keeps us so busy that it all begins to feel like a hamster wheel. Details are often left out; red flags are sometimes missed and we literally end up wearing ourselves out.

For most of us, this is normal day-to-day life. So instead of fighting against it, the next best thing to do is find ways to make it all easier. I’ve found a few apps that can help us all manage our days a little bit better. So, I’ve compiled my top 3 here… because anything that makes the load easier to handle, or makes us more effective is definitely worth giving a try.

Here are my top 3 apps for the busy female entrepreneur.

  1. Audible

When you’re busy, you’re busy. But I’m sure that like myself, you have reading goals, new skills to learn or that you want to increase your personal development, right? Well, Audible is the perfect app for women, like us, that are on the go. Not only do I have the ability to take advantage of otherwise non-productive time (think: daily commute, shower time… etc.), but I’m also learning new information, expanding my vocabulary or filling myself up – to combat all that I give out.

Cost: FREE | Membership for audiobook credits – Cost Varies

  1. Buffer

To be effective in your social media marketing, you must be present! Keeping up with the different platforms and optimal posting times was overwhelming and exhausting before I found out that I could automate the process. I’ve used a few automation apps, but none are as easy to implement as Buffer. This app gives you the ability to batch and schedule your social media posts, for days or even weeks at a time. It also provides valuable insights and analytics to help you better understand audience interaction.

Cost: FREE | With pro-level options for you to explore – Cost Varies

  1. Asana

This app’s purpose is simple, it helps you keep up with all of your projects and processes in one place. Save files, house your team messages, keep client contact notes, designate tasks and even communicate with your client (securely) through the app. You’ll also be able to keep up with team and individual responsibilities within specific projects.

When I first started using Asana, I was not a fan. I initially felt like it was just another step that I was adding to my process. Over time, I realized that not only was I able to better manage the details of my projects and the people that were involved in them, but I now had the ability to evaluate where there were flaws in the process itself. Having all of the details, deliverables, and communication housed in one place takes project management (especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs) to new levels.

Cost: FREE | Membership options with increased functionality – Cost Varies