3 Life Lessons

Photo Credit: CreateHerStock

During the formative years, our main job is to go to school and learn as much as we can. It seems as if the most important lessons occur in the most unsuspecting places, by the ultimate teacher; life, itself.

Issa Intuition
The hunch you got to take a different route when you got in your car to go to work. Later in the day, you found out about a fatal accident that shut down the highway you would’ve taken if you ignored the feeling you had. The time you took your friend’s advice instead of sticking with your own plan and it came back to bite you in the butt. These are not one-off experiences nor mere coincidences. That’s your intuition! No one knows you better than you know yourself. Give yourself more credit. You know more about what’s right for you than you think you do. Trust your own instincts. Get in line with your star player and make sound decisions for yourself based on what you feel is best. Your intuition is a divine spiritual gift from a higher power. Use it!

Everybody AIN’T qualified to speak into your life…
…even if it’s coming from a genuine place. Before you accept someone’s advice as fact, consider their basis for knowledge. Does this person have experience relevant to your situation? If so, was there experience positive or negative? Our opinions, thoughts, and beliefs are results of our own experiences. The uncle that complains because the idea he had 20 years ago is now a multi-million dollar business may not be the best person to discuss your entrepreneurial ambitions with. Apply this same theory to everyone. That goes for Mentors, teachers and even Spiritual Leaders. You might not know many details about the person offering advice but remember to use your intuition. At the end of the day, the only opinion that truly matters is yours.

Protect your peace
Think about the people that you spend time with. Is there anyone that you know that always has some sort of drama happening? The drama doesn’t necessarily involve you, but you know all the details. There’s never a discussion of resolutions, just one “wow, that’s crazy” story to the next. What about the self-proclaimed realist, who’s really a pessimist, that has two negative responses to every ONE thing you say and begins almost every statement with the phrase “see what you need to do is…?” Ever feel out of sorts after being around them? Well, that’s because energy is transferable. More importantly, your time and energy are valuable assets that can’t be returned once they are wasted. Say no to the person that is quick to ask you for a favor, but leaves you to figure out how to pick up the pieces when you need something. Decline a few invitations to hang out with Real Life Novellas, Negative Nancy’s and anyone else that sucks the effin’ nice right out of you. If more peace is what you desire, set standards for your life that limit or eliminate altogether the time you’re involved with people that drain your energy. You’ll find more time for the things you enjoy and elevate to a whole new level of calm.

We are all life learners, whether we realize it or not. So, why not be a life learner of yourself? Think about past romantic, family and even professional relationships. Many of them, both positive and negative, offered valuable life lessons. Has a negative experience caused you to form destructive habits or a negative outlook? Is it time to work on a certain character flaw you pass off by saying “that’s just the way I am?” Notice a pattern in your past relationships? You repeat what you don’t repair, until you’ve learned your lesson. There’s always room for improvement. Happy learning!