It’s hard these days to be single. It’s like breeding ground and a receipt for depression and loneliness. No matter how secure one is when you’re single – you certainly want a boo at some point. It doesn’t make you weak or insecure to think of life with your future better half. It actually makes you strong because you’re open to being vulnerable. That’s a beautiful thing. So how does a single stay afloat and motivated in a coupled world? By constantly being open to the possibility of love. What ultimately happens with singles is that they spend so much time in the dating zone that it’s no big deal. They hear all the lines, have all the stories, and are just like it’ll happen when it happens. This is the mentality you want to stay away from because it causes routine. You want to stay in the intentional dating world. Which means, every person that attempts to enter into your life yields one question   – is this going to lead to my end goal? What’s that is – is that it? Is it marriage, long term, future goals etc. You have to continue to date yourself while intentionally dating others. You do this by, being in self-discovery mode. Conscious to your changes and likes/dislikes etc. you must be sure that you’re able to make logical decisions rather emotional ones. For every date you go on – take yourself on one once a week. There are many singles that have simply given up or replaced the idea of dating with waiting – you can’t obtain something with no intent to obtain it. Dating is an active role and it’s more than having a few drinks and dinner. I suggest, stay in tune with self. Try your best to remove the physical aspect and really have the appropriate questions to ensure you’re not wasting each other’s time. Your boo will come along but only when you’re truly ready and have made room for them to come in. Look at your life – do you have time for a relationship, is your routine adjustable, are you mentally ready for the work that it brings. Once you get honest with your single status – your couple status will change.

Your biggest fan,