One of the most popular coined phrases tossed around is Netflix and chill. It simply means to chill with your beau, snuggle up, and watch a good movie. But what if you don’t have a beau to cuddle up with at the moment?

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2015 53% of unmarried residents, 18 years and older are women. Now some may gasp at that statistic because it’s very high and some not so much because it’s not surprising. But does it mean it’s alarming? Not so fast…

This high percentage could very well mean that women are taking more time to live their lives, establish their careers, and pursue their education before starting a family. In my personal opinion, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So if I just described you and you haven’t met your beau just yet then why not Netflix and chill by yourself.

Here are a few of my favs that you are sure to enjoy.

The Secret

the secret

The Law of Attraction. This documentary is a must see when you have absolutely NO distractions! Please do not make my mistake and start watching while doing cardio on the treadmill. LOL!! It’s important to soak up every word and then watch it again to catch what you missed.

What happened Ms. Simmone?

Women who rule the screen. Need another reason to love being a strong talented woman? If so, this documentary is filled with strength, talent, survivorship, come back, and taking a stand all while being a woman.



Progress or nah? Remember when I said don’t watch the documentary while on the treadmill? Well, that statement pertains to this documentary too. As a matter of fact, I never made it to the weights because I wanted to continue watching. This documentary, for me, was a reminder, eye opener, and reality check on where we truly are in this country. Instead of keeping up with the Kardashians why not stand up for social justice.

Santa Carita Diet

santa clarita diet

If you need #relationshipgoals then this Netflix original series is for you…well not really. However, this is a funny comedy that takes you away from reality for 30 minutes. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are hilarious and fun while keeping you entertained and wanting more.

The Wiz

the whiz

Old School Family. If you need a flash from the past with an all-star cast then The Wiz is PERFECT! This movie is definitely a favorite and one to watch over and over again never getting tired. It’s a movie that even your kids will love and enjoy. The cast includes MJ, Diana Ross, Lena Horne and Richard Pryor just to name a few.

Sons of Anarchy

sons of anarchy

How does bad boys and motorcycles sound to you? If that’s your thing then you’ll love it!! The best part is all 7 seasons are ready and waiting for you to binge watch.

There you have it the perfect recommendations for enjoying an evening of Netflix by yourDAMNself! Always make spending time with self or self-care, in general, a priority for having a healthy relationship later.

Now tell me which Netflix movies or series you like to watch alone?