There is a new trend amongst millennial couples that will give them the wedding of their dreams at a low cost. The pop-up wedding planned and executed by luxury group pop-up wedding planning brand PopBliss by R. Kristi Modern Hospitality is a great alternative to the months-long or even years-long process of wedding planning.

You had me at luxury.

In an era of “platinum weddings” and Instagram-worthy photos, millennial couples are looking to tie the knot but not go broke in the process. Traditional weddings in the United States average about $26,645 and can get way higher. So if the option of a glamorous, all-inclusive wedding starting at the low price of $5000 comes up, surely, a couple can get excited about that.

So what’s the catch? A $5000 Hollywood-esq wedding…there must be a catch?

You relinquish control of planning to the PopBliss team and you will not be privy to most of the wedding details until the very day of your wedding!

Yes…you heard that right. You have to give up the right to plan or even be made aware of any plans concerning your wedding. So ask yourself if that’s something you would be willing and able to do. Now, of course, the pop-up wedding is not for every bride or every couple. This option is for the daring, cost-conscious, fun loving, exciting couple who values adventure.

One thing is for sure, this wedding trend will force you to trust that your day will still be beautiful and taken care of. This year, the wedding will be in Las Vegas (last year, it was in New York). So, I’m sure Vegas will really bring the glitz and glam!

So what do you think? Would you be able to relinquish control? Leave a comment below and let’s hear your thoughts.

Visit www.PopBliss.co for more information and to register using CODE: FAB17!