Humble yet bold. A captivating presence that demands an explanation and fierce in every sense of the word are just phrases that describe this enchanting person. In this season of her life, the words “no & can’t” have no room and/or place in her life. She walks confidently in the scripture, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me(Phillipians 4:13). We are describing the person of, Christina S. Johnson. Although she experienced humble beginnings, Christina held on tightly to the belief that “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” 

Christina was a teen Mom born to a teenage Mother, but because of the zeal that she has always possessed, was determined not become a statistic. “I was determined not be another number”, says Christina. Throughout her life she has faced many challenges. Some were privately, and some were publicly. “I believe that all tragedies can be turned into triumphs. I don’t care the depth of the pain. Because through prayer and hard work, one can be totally healed, says Christina”.

Single Wives Club had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Christina about her upcoming retreat, Amazing Me, Amazing Life. This event is sure to be a life changer for all that attends!


SWC: Christina, what can the women expect when coming to this type of retreat?

CSJ: They can expect one, a safe place. This will be a no judgment, let you hair down, and put on your pj’s type of environment. Women are coming to have a life-transforming experience! They will come in one way but leave out another way. And that way is HEALED!

SWC: Why is it so important for you to work with broken women?

CSJ: I once was her. I once was that broken woman. I was that woman that who almost gave up! I know how she looks. I know how she talks. I know her movements. I know her. And because I know who she is in essence, I am able to identify with her and grab her by the hand leading her to a place I like to call Healed. I am a firm believer that you cant help someone get to a place that you have never been.

SWC: Where will this event take place?

CSJ: The women will be in a secret location in Atlanta, Georgia from April 21st through the23rd. We will have a lot of life coaching and healing taking place. This is an event that women cannot afford to miss!

Christina is definitely a force to be reckon with! Walking away from her, you feel as though you can do ANYTHING! You immediately understand that giving up is not an option! And that through dedication, persistence, and confidence, you can do thee impossible!

You can reach Christina on the following social media outlets:

Facebook: Christina S. Johnson

Instagram: @christinajohnson_

Twitter: @Innerpiece

Jessica Mosley is a contributing writer for the Singles Wives Club. She is a publisher, author, blogger. But her favorite role is being wife to Jayson and mother to Michael & Aaliyah. You can follow her on Instagram:@jessicaellemosley, Facebook: Jessica Mosley.