Are you drowning in clutter? Do you need to get rid of things around the house, but just don’t know where to start?  Well have no fear.  I have curated a great step-by-step guide to declutter your space.  So let’s get to it!


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Steps to Declutter and Stay organized

1. Make a list of all the areas you want to clean out.
2. Create a space for you to sort the clutter. You will need a keep, rehome, recycle and trash pile.
3. Tackle the smallest area first. This helps with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Especially if this is your first time doing a good sweep like this. Example small areas are: A hall closet or even your car. Yes, some of us have clutter in our cars too! Clutter doesn’t discriminate:)
4. After clearing out all your areas, organize, rehome and throw out the piles you have IMMEDIATELY. Trust me. You do not want to clean clutter then let it sit. A day will turn into a week then a month then before you know it you are back where you started.
5. When it’s time to organize the keep pile, make a home for each item. Also organization systems or bins can also help keep things in order too.

Things to Remember:

-When getting rid of sensitive documents such as old bills, anything with your name or address on it etc make sure you shred it.
There are many cities that have shredding parties. You bring your paperwork and they can shred it for you on the spot. This is a great option if you have lots of documents  at one time. If you would rather shred your own, there are plenty of shredder options you can buy at your local office supply store. If you don’t have one.
-If you have items to donate to a thrift store be sure to check all the pockets in your clothing for misc things you may have left.
When dropping items off get a receipt. You can write these goods off on your taxes next year.
-Clearing out the clutter may not be an overnight job. This may take a weekend or even several days. Take your time, but be diligent. Staying on track is key. Just think about the amazing feeling of cleaning things out and making room for what’s truly important. (hint: its not more stuff)

Ways to keep the clutter O-U-T!

Ask yourself these questions the next time you make a purchase.
1. Do I need this?
2. Do I “love” it? This is a tricky question, but I felt it was important to add. There are so many “things” I drop that “L” word on and then when I ask myself that question it’s easier to snap out of my “gotta have it” trance lol. I realize I don’t need it as much as I think I do.   An additional comment I say to myself is “you never would have known about this item if you didn’t even come in here.”  This my friends is how I check myself.  🙂 Most of our clutter comes from impulse buying. Sigh
3. Do I have a place to put it?
4. Is it useful?
5. Visualize your budget. This is always a great way to keep yourself on track. Maybe you’re saving for a vacation or just want to keep your finances tight for a bit. Either way, it’s great motivation for you to put down that sweater you most likely have a similar version of at home anyway. We are all guilty lol


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Declutter No Stress Mess

Believe it or not, getting rid of things you don’t want or need can help with your overall stress level.  Why?  because it eliminates extra work such as washing more clothes, organizing, rummaging through things to find an item.  Reading that alone sounds exhausting right?

So consider these 3 things:

Space-you will have more of this
Energy-you won’t waste energy on things you don’t need.
Time-more time to do things you really love and less house chores.

I hope these tips have jump started your declutter journey

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