4 Easy Hacks to Read More Books!



Reading as a kid… I remember getting free personal pan pizza’s if I submitted my Book Club tickets to the local Pizza Hut. Back then, just about every children’s programming was dedicated to reading more books. From Reading Rainbow to Sesame Street, reading more books was a huge part of learning as a kid. Somewhere between the early days of children’s’ TV programming and today’s smartphones, reading books has become a bit of a lost art. Our focus and attention span is much shorter. There is pressure to look the part, but not be the part. I wanted to share with you four easy hacks to read more books. Let’s face it, TV and Social Media have become our escape from reality. Reading more books however, creates endless possibilities of growth, knowledge, and empowerment. So what keeps you from not reading more books? Is it time? Is it interest? Checkout these 4 easy hacks to read more books!

  1. Keep Books in Unusual Spaces – Car. Bathroom. Gym Bag. Night Stand. Place a book at all of these locations, and you are sure to get more book reading done! How many of us have gone to bed a few minutes earlier than normal? How many times have you taken a potty break, and wanted something to read? I cannot tell you how many times, I’ve gone to the bathroom and opted for reading the ingredients to hand soap because I forgot my book! I consider the bathroom to be a think tank and a great place to read more books. Be sure to place a different book at each location, so you can power through that list of books been holding onto since last year.
  2. Avoid Reading Books on Your Phone– “Ding! Choo-Choo! Beep!” All those social media alerts, texts, and voicemail notifications will keep you from finishing any book you have set your sights on. Your phone, whether you want to believe it or not, has become another brain and damn near another person to engage with. Nowadays, eBooks are more convenient. Accessibility has played a huge role in buying power and getting content out at a faster pace. For some, reading books on their smartphone works. However for me, I will find myself Googling, whatever person, place or thing was just mentioned in the very sentence or paragraph I was reading, lol. In my head it kind of sounds like, “Oh, what does jovial mean, let me Google it?” lol, just saying it’s a total distraction for me to read books on my phone and stay the course.
  3. Make Reading Books Fun with the use of a Timer –Use your timer and time yourself. Challenge: Grab your phone and set the timer for five minutes. See how many pages you actually get through. It’s not a race, but you would be amazed that it doesn’t take long to read a few pages, nor to really get interested in the actual content or storyline of a book. It’s also actually pretty gratifying and rewarding to know that you have committed time to in the day to read. You will find that even after the buzzer goes off, you will still want to read for a few minutes more. So grab a timer and on your mark, get set, go read a damn book!
  4. Use Colorful Sticky Notes – I believe sticky notes are magical. Place your sticky notes at the end of each chapter, and write a completion date on it. You can set your date for the end of the week or for two weeks out, whatever works for you and your lifestyle. I have found myself, also writing two-word reminders as to why I am reading the book or why I purchased it in the first place. Here is an example, “lose weight”, “find myself”, “boss life”, “find joy”, “become rich” “my escape”. These little reminders will keep you invested in reading all the books on your must-read list.

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Happy Reading & Rebel on,

Antres Finnie