As a confidence coach it always astounds me how many women hate “dating.” It blows my mind! Then I ask my clients to recount there experiences and automatically I see what the issue is.

We are stuck in the 1950’s style of dating where we talk to one guy. We wait to see how it goes. We fantasize about him being our husband. We start planning out the wedding. Then when things go wrong, we get so mad at the guy that we close ourselves off. We then hit the place where we talk to different guys and go on dates every so often…this is the problem!

All of this is wrong! It is 2017 and I always encourage my clients to date but with a twist.

Think of it this way, most of us desire to become wives and meet “Mr. Right,” but that is so hard to do when we are only going on dates with one guy at a time every few months.

What if you tried something different?

Instead, you could:

a) increase your own confidence

b) meet more guys

c) increase your chances of Mr. Right finding you quicker by dating more than one guy at a time.

Try this: Open yourself to talking and going on dates with multiple men.

Not to have sex with all of them.

Not to hurt their feelings.

Not to trick or deceive anyone.

But to get out of a dating rut and become more magnetic.

As a woman your vibe shifts to harder to get naturally, to elevated standards, to “I am the Queen is must be respected” energetically when you talk to more than one guy at a time.

If a guy really likes you, he is going to work his behind off to get you to choose him….This means you have OPTIONS…and a guy will feel this and know it.

Think of this way, if you went on 5 dates in 1 month versus 1 date in 3 months, the chances of you finding a high quality man you like are way higher.

Keeping your options open is a simple yet powerful tip I remind my clients of daily.

It is easy to forget when you really like someone and get wrapped up in the “chemistry,” but the best men who are marriage minded probably won’t feel that way.

Instead look for how he “compliments” you, not the “chemistry” you have.

 Ultimately, change the dating game by: dating more than one man a time, focusing on” complimenting not chemistry,” and keeping your options open.